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About Sony Ericsson


Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB is a 50:50 joint venture established in October 2001 by Japanese SONY Corporation and the Swedish Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson with the purpose of making mobile phones and accessories, and now both separate companies has stopped making mobile phones of their own, focusing on Sony Ericsson branded handsets.

SEMC’s global management is located in Hammersmith, London, but it also has R&D (research and development) teams in Sweden, Japan, China, Canada, the Netherlands, USA, India & Britain (below is a picture of Sony Ericsson’s corporative functions in different countries – press for a larger view).

At the moment Sony Ericsson has around 8.000 employees worldwide, and is considered one of the fastest growing mobile vendors. It is the second-most profitable handset maker after Nokia, and has a market share at 9.09 percent (quarter 3), which is a -0,38 percent point market share compared to quarter 2 results.

Anders RunevadHideki KomiyamaThe company’s President is as of 1st of November 2007 Hideki ‘Dick’ Komiyama (left), who is replacing the former President Miles Flint, who had been in this position for about 3½ years. The Corporate Executive Vice President is Swedish Anders Runevad (right).

Areas of interest

Sony Ericsson in Europe has three areas of interest;

  • Music (Walkman branded handsets)
  • Camera (Cyber-shot branded handsets)
  • Smart phones (handsets running the Swedish UIQ Symbian-based operating system)

Furthermore Sony Ericsson in Japan has these areas of interest;

  • Music (Walkman branded handsets)
  • Camera (Cyber-shot branded handsets)
  • Television (Bravia branded handsets with built-in television signal receiver)

It is said that Sony Ericsson in Europe will soon launch a Bravia branded handset as well, and it is also said that Sony Ericsson is in the working of a PSP branded gaming handset.

Sony Ericsson acquired UIQ Technology back in February 2007, but sold half of the Swedish user interface company to American Motorola on the 15th of October, 2007.

Model indexes

Below can the different model indexes be found and also what they stand for – for codenames, please use the Codenames-page.

  • D series (”Deutsche Telekom”) – T-Mobile operator exclusive.
  • F series (”Vodafone”) – Vodafone opearator exclusive.
  • J series (”junior”) – Low-end phones without camera.
  • K series (”kamera”, Swedish) – Low to high-end phones all with camera, and some even with Cyber-shot branding.
  • M series (”messaging”) – Mid-end smart phones running Symbian UIQ and all having a QWERTY keyboard.
  • P series (”PDA”) – High-end smart phones running Symbian UIQ and almost all having a QWERTY keyboard.
  • S series (”slider” / “swivel”) – Mid-end phones with either a slider form factor or a swivel design.
  • T series (”fashion”) – Mid to high-end phones with fashionable design.
  • V series (”Vodafone”) – Mid-end Vodafone operator exclusive.
  • W series (”Walkman”) -Low to high-end Walkman branded music phones with special music accessories.
  • Z series (”clamshell”) – Low to mid-end clamshell phones often fashion-related.

Here’s a list of all European Sony Ericsson handsets.


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