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Sony Ericsson W960 review part 1

By Michell Bak, 18th of December 2007

Sony Ericsson W960 is Sony Ericsson’s top notch music offering featuring a massive 8 gigabyte flash memory, Walkman 3.0 Touch player, QVGA resolution touch screen, WLAN & Symbian OS with UIQ 3.0. Don’t start shaking in your pants because you just saw UIQ 3.0 being used in the phone – it’s running absolutely flawless on W960 due to the 128 megabytes of RAM memory. Multitasking is superb and it’s nearly impossible to dry out this baby!

Official product pictures of Sony Ericsson W960


  • 3G connection & WLAN
  • Bluetooth 2.0 (with A2DP support)
  • Large 2.6 inch QVGA resolution touch screen
  • UIQ 3.0 – enhanced compared to earlier products
  • Walkman 3.0 Touch player – best music player on a phone EVER
  • 8 gigabytes of internal memory
  • Nice design, size and weight
  • Bundled accessories


  • No EDGE and HSDPA
  • Booting the device is a bit slow
  • No memory card slot
  • Somewhat strange T9 word input – many normal words missing, too

W960 is probably one of the best phones from Sony Ericsson – also when it comes to build quality. It feels extremely sturdy and the materials used are nice. The back is rubberised, which gives you a good grip of the phone. The front is glossy and looks good, but needs a good clean a few times a day. The stylus, however, isn’t that great and feels a bit cheap. It’s good for the touch screen, though, because soft plastic has been used in the end.

The ‘smart’ W960 compared to the ‘dumber’ W910

The W960 is a black glossy box with a CD print on top of it. The Walkman logo on the side is golden and even before opening the box you get the feeling that it contains something very exclusive. So what’s in this holy box? The W960 – of course – a charger, USB cable, great Walkman headset, MMC-70 (3.5 mm jack output cable), a Walkman-branded pouch fitted for the phone and of course the usual amount of manuals in different languages, warranty papers and a CD with standard software on it.

You can find pictures of my w960 unboxing here and a video of it below.

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23 Responses

  1. Nicely done matey, almost as good as mine!!!

    PeterKay (esato)

  2. Thanks, PK! 🙂

  3. […] the review at https://sonyericssonblog.wordpress.com/reviews/sony-ericsson-w960-review-part-1/ SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “W960 reviewed by SonyEricsson Blog”, url: […]

  4. […] guys over at the se blog has written a review of sony ericsson w960. The the 4 pages long review here  And the conclusion is: “Sony Ericsson W960 feels like one of the best products ever from Sony […]

  5. Hey very nice review..I always knew that W960 would be one of the best from Sony Ericsson’s stable. Even P1i is cool

  6. Thank you, Vikram 🙂

  7. Hello,
    Just wondering, can you use this phone as a GPS?
    im getting mine tomorrow (YEAHHHHHH) and it would be handy if i could also use it as a GPS, but if you can’t no biggie

    Also, thanks for the review, it was cause of this review i decided to buy this phone =]

  8. Yes, you can, but an external Bluetooth GPS is needed and so is the GPS software (like Wayfinder or TomTom).

  9. i just got mine today, for some reason mine didnt have a plastic cover over the screen like yours and no inline remote for the walkman :S. nice review btw.

  10. I just got mine today, love it to bits, mine didnt come with a plastic screen cover either, must just be a standard thing. I cant work out how to turn off 3G on it tho, any ideas??

  11. OK, if you compare the display to, say, a P1, you’ll notice that the W960 has an added see-through plastic layer above the TFT display that protects the screen.

    Sure, go to the menu, tools, control panel, connections, mobile network (or whatever it’s called, it’s the third on the list), more and then “GSM-/3G-network” 🙂

  12. Tell me bout the video on W960i, is it just like Iphone video or like ipod?

  13. Video plays great on W960 and a list of codecs are supported. It gets even better when playing with the third party application, CorePlayer.

  14. Why doesnt the w960i feature HSDPA?

  15. Because its platform doesn’t support HSDPA. If it had supported this, this would be included in the w960’s feature set.

  16. when will the w960i be released on t-mobile, as iv been waiting since march 2007 to upgrade, but now that the phone is out, im waiting for it to be released onto t-mobile…if any knows anything…?

  17. i like this .. is this already available in Philippines ? pls e-mail me .. tnx ! =))

  18. @fizz
    It should be out on T-Mobile now.

    Why not check with the local operators? I have no idea about the Philippines.

  19. Does anyone know if it will come out in the US? Up until a few days ago, the phone was on the US Sony Ericsson site, and then it randomly disappeared.

  20. i dnt think that its gonna be out in the us cuz i heard that its only made for europe and asia smthin like that.. but my friend told me that he shipped it over to the us and it works… too bad if that its not out in the us cuz i think it would really kill the iphone!

  21. Exactly. It would massacre the iPhone. It’s stupid of them not to launch it here.

  22. Hi i need call recorder w960i ?

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