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Sony Ericsson W910 review part 4

The world in your phone book

The phone book of W910 has room for up to 1000 contacts and a total of 7000 numbers. I doubt anybody will ever make use of all that room for telephone numbers, but W910’s got the storage room for it. Contacts can be stored with full informations including numerous different types of telephone numbers, email addresses, website, name, picture, special ring tone, work and private related informations about postal address, title and so on. Finally there’s also the option to add a date for the contact’s birthday – this date can then be put in the calendar and the phone will remind you that the contact’s birthday is coming up.
W910 has a nice feature called SmartSearch where you can easily find any contact, or telephone number very fast. Simply type in either letters or numbers in standby mode and the phone will generate a list of matches accordingly to your input. So, if you’d want to find me and my name simply was set to be “Michell Bak” in your phone book, simply press 6 (for ‘M’), 4 (for ‘i’), 2 (for ‘c’) and so on. I could also type in 2 (for ‘B’), 2 (for ‘A’) and 5 (for ‘K’) and then my name would pop up on the list again because of my surname. Same thing would happen if I started typing in a telephone number assigned to this contact.

The phone book is excellent and easy to use

Overall, the phone book in W910 is very good and on par with the one in most smartphones out there.

Messaging monster

W910 has everything you need to be connected to your friends and family day and night. Under Messaging in the menu you’ll find the SMS and MMS management, where everything on this area happens. You can create either a MMS or an SMS. The MMS editor is the best I’ve ever seen on a mobile phone and Sony Ericsson’s editor can do lots of things with the MMS messages. The SMS editor is also the best on any phone and so is the built-in T9. Sony Ericsson makes use of the best T9 system and you can add words of your own, if you want to. W910 supports EMS, which means you can send text messages with smilies, small sounds and even funny animations. Of course the other phone has to support EMS, as well, before being able to view the content, but most phones support it these days.

Messaging an example of an SMS message

Messaging settings messaging management

In messaging settings you can set just about anything regarding to the SMS, MMS and email settings, data accounts and such. In the SMS part of settings, you can edit the retry time (for how long the phone will try to send a message), an option to ask for a reply and so on. Once again, messaging is Sony Ericsson’s territory and no one comes close to beat Sony Ericsson’s (almost) perfection on this area.

Calling up a Sony Ericsson executive

Calling up people on W910 is quite easy. The new A200 software platform has introduced the call and hang up buttons, like in the old days, and these are being used for calls this day today. Those and only those – you won’t be able to use the soft keys to end a call or pick up a phone call.

Calling on the W910 – yes, that is Aldo Liguori from Sony Ericsson 😉

The sound quality during calls is really good and clear. The volume seems to be high enough while still not being too high – there’s no risk of annoying people around you. It’s a bit different when video calling, though, where the sound quality isn’t that great and neither is the picture (only tried it on UMTS).

Video calling call list

You can manage your calls on the phone and set the various call settings like speed dialling. The call list holds the last 30 calls (in and outgoing).


Sony Ericsson W910 has proved to be a brilliant phone with above average features and a music part like no other. The new A200 platform has worked flawlessly on my W910 and I haven’t experienced any bugs with it whatsoever, whereas K850 has a few.

W910 has a good variety of connections, but as a music phone it is lacking WLAN and a better web browser, so you can buy and listen to music on-line without getting a huge phone bill. But considering the price of this baby (which is very low in Denmark – about 250 GBP at the moment) I can perfectly understand why WLAN hasn’t been implemented.

The battery of the phone is excellent and I have only been required to charge it three times during the last 10 days. I am a heavy user, and W910 has really been put to the test and comes out with an A+ in battery life.

So to anyone out there, who are thinking about getting this phone, I can do nothing but recommend it. It is indeed great and an excellent buy for your girl friend or to make your friends jealous like you’ve never seen them before!

[Review based on firmware revision R1CA039]



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9 Responses

  1. The W910i is not like the K850i/Z750i. It only has single band HSDPA/UMTS at 2100.

  2. hey, great review on the W910i !
    i kinda agree with everything you say about the mobile phone, it’s really cool and stuff. =D
    i was looking at the red k810i when i was about to purchase the w910i, but since its not for sale anymore in Singapore, =,(
    i purchased the Havana Bronze w910i instead !

    a problem for my w910i is, it comes preloaded with some tunes and wallpapers of my Service Operator. i deleted them in the ‘File Manager’ tab and it’s gone. BUT, they appear in the ‘Media’ section !
    the pictures are like white boxes, (i have 10 redundant boxes!) and the tunes just refuse to stay out of the Tracks list.


    if you can help me, it would be great ! =P
    but i have sent my problem to sony ericsson’s “Contact Us” area.
    hope all goes well !

    cheers ! =]

  3. @bodeh6
    The W910 is exactly like K850 and Z750 on that front. It’s a triband UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100 MHz phone, so please check your facts before posting stuff like that, thanks 🙂

    Thanks! Is the Havana edition nice? Hmm, that problem with the Media menu could have something to do with it being slow at updating the content. Try to open up Media and then let it be there for a few minutes. That should fix the problem or maybe even pulling out the memory card and back in, forcing it to update the library.

  4. Nice review there Michell…liked the videos a lot…:)
    probably u can be a bit more indepth by adding RMAA tests if possible for future reviews that u do (W890?)..jus a suggestion

  5. Thanks, Steve!

    I’ll have a look at doing some RMAA tests (don’t know if it requires any special hardware). And yes, I’ll review W890 some time 🙂

  6. cool…looking forward to it

  7. whih better, w910i or k850i? help me please…. i want good cam, music player, and good games handling

  8. Still cannot setting MMS for W910i, always comm.error. Done everything, can somebody help? I’m currently using CELCOM 3G.

  9. @agung – I’ve got both phones and I’m finding it very hard to decide what’s the better phone. Overall I feel like the W910 is the one where you get the most value for your money. K850 is probably a bit stronger on a overall-basis, but there’s a very little difference in terms of which is the better phone specification-wise. Anyhow, K850 is the best for camera, W910 for music (although K850 has the almost exact music player) and W910 is the best for gaming as well (larger screen, better keypad and dedicated gaming buttons). Hope that was helpful!

    @ZAKRY – have you tried the automatic MMS setting downloads? The phone can download the settings automatically, in case you didn’t know 🙂 I’m sure your operator can send the settings to you as well. Good luck!

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