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Sony Ericsson T650 review part 4

More than a list of contacts

T650’s phone book has room for up to 1000 contacts with fully filled contact fields (name, address, emails, website, birthday, etc.). You can assign up to 5 phone numbers per contact, but the phone has a limit of 2500 phone numbers in total.

The list of contacts can be sorted by either contact fields, name and surname. It is possible to set what fields to display when highlighting a contact. Also, when highlighting a contact, you can press the navigation pad either left or right and go through the displayed fields and informations.


If you choose to also assign images to contacts, these will show when those certain contacts call you or you call them – videos can also be assigned to contacts and will work in the same way. The SIM card can also be used for storing contacts, but I never use that for anything for backups. Mainly because of the limited storage on the SIM card, but also because you can’t store the same amount of details. A backup of the phone book can also be stored on the memory card.

Texting with smilies and animations

When it comes to messaging, this phone holds up the high standards set by the manufacturer and delivers one of the best sets of messaging capabilities on a phone. You can send SMS, MMS and chat messages.

Test SMS message

SMS messages can be sent including a large amount of cool smilies, animations, sound effects and mono-coloured pictures. It’s also possible to do a little formatting when sending SMS messages. There is no character counter until just before you reach the end of a single SMS (160 characters). The SMS part of the phone is very good and among the best offerings on the market.

MMS messages can be composed with lots of stuff. You can change the background colours, images, sounds and videos, add text and also have many different pages. These can be timed, so they’ll go to the next page after a certain time. Again, Sony Ericsson is by far superior on this area and there’s no other offering out there that does the same.

SMS messages are stored on phone memory / SIM memory, while MMS messages are stored on phone memory / memory card.

Calls are a breeze

T650 supports two types of calls – normal audio calls and video calls with both audio and live pictures of the person you’re talking with. Admittedly, I’ve only tried out the first thing, but generally 3G isn’t suitable for videos calls due to the slow upload speed. HSDPA is much better here.

Calling Call list

Anyhow, calls on T650 are a breeze! The sound quality is very good and it feels good to have the phone to your ear (this is not the case with all phones!). The volume is at a fair volume level and it’s possible to turn on speaker mode. I usually do this when I need to talk on the phone while doing something else.

The call list can be used for managing the last 30 calls and will show calls with full details (date, time and who called).

Worth a buy!

T650 has proved to be a really good mobile phone with (for most people) excessive multimedia features and an extremely stable operating system that performs well.

The design of this phone will make many people interested in the phone, and I have a feeling that a good part of the crowd could end up buying it simply because of its looks and feel.

The battery life is very good and can easily last about 3-4 days with normal use of the phone functions, camera and a bit of listening to music or the radio on your way to school or work in the morning.

The pricing of the phone in Denmark isn’t that great. In my opinion it costs too much compared to other offerings from Sony Ericsson – i.e. it costs about £150 more than a W880 with the same contract. This is obviously something that has to do with the operators’ prices, but will have an effect on whether this phone will be successful and on who will end up buying this rather than another lower-priced phone.

The main question to ask yourself when considering this phone, however, will be if this is the one for you. Sony Ericsson has many other phones that are very much alike – K770, K800 and K810 to mention a few. What’s more is that some of these have a lower price.

[Review based on firmware revision R7AA024]



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5 Responses

  1. Very Nice review, it’s even more detailed than GSMArena’s one. however you do too much appraisal on the camera by saying it’s excellent on the introductory page with the lack of more detailed generalization and while in fact there’s a K800/10 which renders better pictures than T650 – by this assumption how would we call K800? more excellent? 😀

    Just my $0.2 worth 🙂

  2. Thanks, razec.

    Well, actually the T650 camera photos are more detailed and the sharpness level is not over the top like on K800 and alike. It is more grainy, though, so overall, I’d say that its camera is on par with the 3 mega pixel Cyber-shot phones.

  3. I must admit the camera on T650 is great considering it’s slimness. an imho it even betters the Samsung’s 3mp series.

    Anyway would you have a K770 review?

  4. Sorry, I don’t own a K770, nor do I have the chance to review one – simply because it is so much like the T650.

  5. just wondering is there any way you can do group ringtone or you have to set up ringtone one by one?

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