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Sony Ericsson T650 review part 1

By Michell Bak, 6th of January 2008

Who doesn’t remember the good old T610? I certainly do, mainly because it was one of Sony Ericsson’s best products ever and it was an important brick in a huge puzzle for the manufacturer. The story goes on with the T650, which is a 12.5 millimetre thin design oriented phone with an excellent camera. T650 will be popular – I just know it will!

Official product pictures of Sony Ericsson T650


  • 3G connection & Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support
  • Excellent 3.2 mega pixel camera
  • Impressive specifications at only 12.5 millimetres in depth
  • Exclusive materials
  • Crystal clear mineral glass QVGA TFT display
  • Sound quality and loudness
  • Cool animations and visual effects


  • Only LED flash
  • Relatively conservative display size (only 1.9 inches)
  • Bad video recording quality

Sony Ericsson’s best camera phone at the moment, the K850, can easily be compared with the fashionable T650. Both are candy bar phones packing a set of high-tech specifications and a nice design. When comparing you’ll quickly notice a strong difference in terms of the thickness of the phones – K850 is much thicker and also heavier than T650. Both are well built and feel very good in the hand, although I somehow feel like T650 fits the palm of my hand a little better.

Comparing the fashionable sharpshooter T650 with Sony Ericsson’s own K850

So what does the box look like? Well, I got the green edition to test, so the box was green and had a cool pattern (replicating the T650’s keypad) several places not only on the box, but also on the content.
T650 comes with a bunch of stuff in the box. You’ll find the usual stuff like charger, wired stereo headset (this one is the same as with the Walkman phones, it’s just not Walkman branded), battery (930 mAh), USB cable, lots of manuals and of course the software CD with the PC Suite and other usable PC applications on it. But there’s more in the T650 box – T650 also comes with a nice fabric case for protecting the phone and also a very cool docking station!

You can find pictures of my T650 unboxing here and a video of it below.

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