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Here is the biggest list of Sony Ericsson phones’ codenames available on the Internet. Please contact me (e-mail or comment) if you have something to add 🙂
Please note that only announced phones’ codenames will be added.

Last update: 24th of January (corrections)

D series (“Deutsche Telekom”)

sonyericsson-d750.gifD750 – Cajsa

F series (“Vodafone”)

snf500i.gifF500 – Amy

J series (“junior”)

sonyericsson-j100.gifJ100 – Lisa
sonyericsson-j110.gifJ110 – Kim
sonyericsson-j120.gifJ120 – Melody
snj200.gifJ200 – Amanda
sonyericsson-j210.gifJ210 – Anna
sonyericsson-j220.gifJ220 – Moa
sonyericsson-j230.gifJ230 – Fia
sonyericsson-j300.gifJ300 – Karin

K series (“kamera”, Swedish)

sonyericsson-k200.gifK200 – Gisela
sonyericsson-k220.gifK220 – Gisela
snk300.gifK300 – Kristina
sonyericsson-k310.gifK310 – Doris

sonyericsson-k320.gifK320 – Martina
snk500.gifK500 – Alice
sonyericsson-k508.gifK508 – Angie
sonyericsson-k510.gifK510 – Cleo
sonyericsson-k530.gifK530 – Nicole
sonyericsson-k550.gifK550 – Li
snk600.gifK600 – Mirai
sonyericsson-k608.gifK608 – Yui
sonyericsson-k610.gifK610 – Thelma

sonyericsson-k610im.gif K610im – Riko

sonyericsson-k618.gif K618 – Thelma
sonyericsson-k630.gifK630 – Jie
K660 – Chen
snk700.gifK700 – Cora
sonyericsson-k750.gifK750 – Clara
sonyericsson-k770.gifK770 – Victoria
sonyericsson-k790.gifK790 – Evita
sonyericsson-k8001.gifK800 – Wilma
sonyericsson-k810.gifK810 – Samantha
sonyericsson-k850.gifK850 – Sofia

M series (“messaging”)

sonyericsson-m600.gifM600 – Lily

P series (“PDA”)

sonyericsson-p1.gifP1 – Elena
snp800.gifP800 – Linnea
snp900.gifP900 – Linn
snp910.gifP910 – Layla
sonyericsson-p990.gifP990 – Hermione

S series (“slider” / “swivel”)

sonyericsson-s500.gifS500 – Lindsay
sonyericsson-s600.gifS600 – Ellen
sns700.gifS700 – Tamao
sns710.gifS710 – Tamao

T series (“Fashion”)

snt68i.gifT68i – Mia
snt100.gifT100 – Maja
snt200.gifT200 – Geena
snt230.gifT230 – Mei-Li
sonyericsson-t250.gifT250 – Olga
snt290.gifT290 – Jeri-Lie
snt300.gifT300 – Mira
snt310.gifT310 – Mari
snt600.gifT600 – Indigo
sonyericsson-t610.gifT610 – Tova
snt630.gifT630 – Nora
sonyericsson-t650.gifT650 – Sania

V series (“Vodafone”)

sonyericsson-v600.gifV600 – Nanami
sonyericsson-v630.gifV630 – Miwa
sonyericsson-v640.gifV640 – Jie_Vodafone
snv800.gifV800 – Violetta

W series (“Walkman”)

sonyericsson-w200.gifW200 – Melinda
sonyericsson-w300.gifW300 – Jing
W350 – Johanna
W380 – Lena
sonyericsson-w550.gifW550 – Ellen
sonyericsson-w580.gifW580 – Laura
sonyericsson-w610.gifW610 – Na
sonyericsson-w660.gifW660 – Faye
sonyericsson-w700.gifW700 – Carolina
sonyericsson-w710.gifW710 – Charlotte
W760 – Deena
sonyericsson-w800.gifW800 – Carola
sonyericsson-w810.gifW810 – Helen
sonyericsson-w850.gifW850 – Cyndi
sonyericsson-w880.gifW880 – Ai
W890 – Akiko
sonyericsson-w900.gifW900 – Sakura
sonyericsson-w910.gifW910 – Shinobu (Erika for W908)
sonyericsson-w950.gifW950 – Nina
sonyericsson-w960.gifW960 – Mooi

Z series (“clamshell”)

snz200.gifZ200 – Momo
sonyericsson-z250.gifZ250 – Anabel
sonyericsson-z300.gifZ300 – Eva
sonyericsson-z310.gifZ310 – Alva
sonyericsson-z320.gifZ320 – Anastasia
snz500.gifZ500 – Kalia
sonyericsson-z520.gifZ520 – Zoe
sonyericsson-z525.gifZ525 – Katherine
sonyericsson-z530.gifZ530 – Mulan
sonyericsson-z550.gifZ550 – Moly
Z555 – Magdalena
snz600.gifZ600 – Midori
sonyericsson-z610.gifZ610 – Miyu
sonyericsson-z710.gifZ710 – Carina
sonyericsson-z750.gifZ750 – Daniela
snz800.gifZ800 – Vicky
snz1010.gifZ1010 – Viola

* = may be incorrect.

Strikethrough = incorrect / turned out being incorrect.


36 Responses

  1. W810i is helen, not helene. Checked in phone.

    And afaik W960i is Mooi, not Maria, maria has to be announced this year or begin 2008

  2. O, i just find out Z750i is Daniela

  3. Thanks, Dominick!

    I actually knew about all, but thought I had updated it some time ago. Well, not the Z750 – I found out what this device’s codename is yesterday.

    Anyhow, thanks a lot, and the list is updated now!

  4. Both K630 and V640 were code named Jie.

  5. Actually, K630 was called Jie, while V640 is Jie_Vodafone. So list updated 🙂

    By the way, love your concepts!

  6. Huh, I thought Jie was supposed to be a vodafone only device :s

  7. Any idea about K660 and W380?

    afaik W890i is Akiko, but i’m not shure though

  8. Hi Dominick,

    Yes, the W890 is Akiko. I think K660 is Lena, and W380 is Alona.

  9. Look at this, posted by shaliron on esato:

    Hmm… here’s what I’ve got:
    Kim = J110
    Melody = J120
    Gisela = K200/220
    Sania = T650/658
    Anabel = Z250/258
    Nathalie = Z750

    All have been announced, but if Daniela isn’t the Z750, then it may still be the slider Cyber-shot phone.

    Real or not?

  10. All those have already been posted here with the exception of Z750 being Nathalie, which I am not totally sure of being correct. But I’ll add it to the list, just in case it turns out to be correct.

    Thanks, again 🙂

  11. Ok,

    I knew that all have already been posted. I wanted to make it bold, but no bb code supported 😦

  12. You have to use “strong” with brackets instead of [b] 🙂

  13. “minor list update”

    I don’t see a big difference :p

  14. That’s why it’s called minor 😆

    Nah, it was just that I added the small “system” at the bottom of the list (star and strikethrough).

  15. Sony have just confirmed that the Lena is actually the W380 and NOT the K660.

  16. Thank you!

    The list will be updated. May I ask where the information is located at?

  17. I don’t think K660i is alona, beacause that is supposed to be an walkman phone (so i think it’s not announced yet, if W380i is lena indeed)

  18. Oh yes, I forgot about that. Thanks.

    But I don’t think I’ll edit it before I get a final name for it – it has got the * at the end, so it’s subject to change.

    Thanks again, though.

  19. i like my Elena, though. 🙂 for the name as well as the phone. but was wondering why do they religiously stick to female names? nokia has “siberia” (e50), “charlie” (6630) … etc.

  20. That’s simply just how Sony Ericsson does it 🙂

  21. oh – i have always liked the “it is because it is” types of answers … or may be that is what makes me wonder at things?
    see you around!

  22. Sony Ericsson has chosen to codename their phones that way, there is no other explanation. They do also use names from the WTA Women’s league.

    (I’ve edited your comment as I found it inappropriate)

  23. Do you know the codenames of the new phones (W350, W760 and Z555)

  24. Added them, Dominick 🙂

  25. are you know codenames of SE J230i

  26. how to check the codenames in the phone??:)

  27. J230 is called Fia.

    It’s possible to view the codename on older phones only (in the service menu) or by looking through the system files on smart phones.

  28. Isn’t it possible for newer phones?

  29. No, it’s not possible 😦 Not via the service menu at least.

  30. The R306 is called Irina.

  31. And R300i, T280i and T270i?

  32. I’m working on the rest…

  33. W350 is Johanna, not Lena.

  34. Fixed, thanks! W380 is Lena – don’t know how I got that fixed up.

  35. T270 = Angelika

  36. R306 = Jiali

    R300 = Lei (name of my ex-girlfriend ;o) )

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