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W350 demo tour video

Here’s the Demo Tour video of the Sony Ericsson W350. I think it’s very cool – what do you think?


Z660i Demo Tour

Thanks to the official SE website (Fun & Downloads), the Unofficial SE Blog had fun & downloaded the demo tour of the yet-to-be-announced Z660i “Becky”. You can see it here:

Download available at Sony Ericsson

Update! Sony Ericsson has removed the video file from their website!

Extremely Cool Holographic SE Interactive Campaign

Check out the really cool holographic interactive campaign from Sony Ericsson. What do you think?

Via: Sony Ericsson Fanboy

Audio and video podcaster for UIQ 3

My friend Sebastian Brännström (aka teknolog) and Lars Persson (aka AnotherGuest) have been developing a really cool freeware application for UIQ 3. It’s an audio and video podcast application called Escarpod. The graphics in the application has been created by Alan Eddie, who has done a fabulous job! I was first helping a little with the icons, but Alan’s are far better 🙂

Escarpod was recently submitted to the UIQ Open contest and was then published on the project website on the first of January. Escarpod is currently in a beta 2 stage and the release version will come later in January with more translations (I’ve added the Danish translation!). Escarpod will run on any UIQ 3 phone, but it’s highly recommended to use it on one with WLAN to cut the data expenses.

You can read more and download the free application here.

The open source Bergamot project – as this UIQ 3 project has been called – also includes other applications and very exciting future projects and ports from S60 to UIQ 3. You can find more info about the project on its Google Code website.

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W960 Walkman 3.0 walk through

Here’s a complete walk through of the Sony Ericsson W960’s Walkman 3.0 Touch music player. Enjoy! 🙂

W960 unboxing

I just got my W960 and it’s great! I like just about anything about it except for the irritating protection plastic layer above the screen. It feels cheap and I have doubts about how long it’ll last. Here’s the mandatory unboxing video (and no, I didn’t drop the battery on purpose!) and the pictures are available after the break.

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Music video “I get by” filmed on W960

I just found this over at JUSTAMP. It’s a music video called “I get by” and it’s filmed on the W960, that has just been released in a few countries. It looks great!