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Z770i was only the beginning…

Remember our little info regarding the Z770i? Seems the video is not taken by the mobile itself. Today a whole lot of these test_xxxx.mp4 vids popped out of nowhere into Fun & Downloads. You know, a pic says more than thousand words. See the full sheet with known phones greened out after the jump. Continue reading


Small update on Beibei

We’ve got yet another small update on the upcoming Beibei phone. It appears that it’ll be running UIQ 3.2 and will feature the same Walkman player as on the lovely W960. Furthermore, it’ll have a radio and a camera lens cover. For what I’m concerned, there’s a slight chance it’ll also feature auto focus.

Update! It will also feature Opera Mobile 9 with widgets support!

Update 2! Beibei will feature an integrated GPS from Texas Instruments, called NaviLink 5.0 NL5350. You can find out more info about it right here! This will work with the built-in WayFinder 7.0 navigation application.

Key features:

  • Single chip using TI’s DRP™ technology
  • The smallest GPS solution with a board area around 25 mm2
  • Lowest total bill-of-materials for a complete GPS system with only 11 external passives required
  • Low power with integrated power management
  • High GPS performance with weaker satellite signals, exceeding 3GPP and 3GPP2 requirements
  • Optimized to interface with TI’s 3G chipsets and OMAP™ processors to deliver a complete solution for handset OEMs

By the way, it is optimized to run on OMAP 😉

WLAN is also built-in.

Exclusive: Beibei photoshop

Here goes another USEB exclusive. This is the first ever photoshop of the upcoming Beibei from Sony Ericsson. It’s a slim Walkman smart phone running UIQ with a touch screen, 3.2 mega pixels camera and a scroll wheel instead of joystick. Very interesting!


Sony Ericsson T270 and T280 unveiled

Here we go again! Another Sony Ericsson announcement and another leak. We have just received pictures of two new phones in the T-series, which have been branded as T270 and T280. Joining the T250, the T270 and T280 will sport a 128 x 160 pixel display and will be Bluetooth enabled. The T280 will have a 1.3 megapixel camera, while the T270 won’t. Both the phones are expected to be announced tomorrow. Also in the line-up for tomorrow’s global announcement are two radio phones. We’ll keep you posted about them.

Pic courtesy: Maximys
In partnership with www.cellpassion.com

Sony Ericsson Xperia Series


Rumour has it that Sony Ericsson is planning a new series of ultra high-end multimedia mobile phones / smart phones. This series is to be called “Xperia”, and will without doubt be a direct hit back at some of the other manufacturers’ high-end smart phones.

Well, actually it’s not a rumour, as Sony Ericsson has indeed actually filed the patent for this XPERIA brand (filed on the 10th of January 2008).

This is definitely exciting and I have of course already contacted Sony Ericsson about this (I want to know!), but I’m not sure I’ll get a reply regarding this 😦

You’ll find the patent filing right here.

Sony Ericsson W350i

– 65.000 colors 176*220 pixels
– 1,3 Megapixel cam
– 26 MB internal memory + 512 MB (M2 external)
– Bluetooth A2DP
– 11 mm thick / 80 g
– FM radio

Sony Ericsson Z555i


– EDGE / Triband
– FM Radio
– 1,3 mega pixel
– TFT Screen
– gesture control
– M2 memory cards supported