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Exclusive: Large update on Paris

‘Paris’ is the codename of the speculated high-end phone P5.
Sliding keyboard and different home screens you can navigate between by pressing left and right. Also, we’ve got a sliding mechanism on the back of the phone as a lens protector for the camera. “5 MP” is also stated on the back near the camera. It comes with a stylus even though the user interface can easily be used with your finger as well. It’s black and a bit smaller than P1. It has a built-in GPS (NaviLink 5.0 NL5350) with WayFinder 7.0 built-in as well as a weather application and the new Opera Mobile 9 with intelligent zoom and widgets. Based on OMAP34xx hardware platform.

Paris is going to be announced along with Beibei, if everything goes as planned, which it should.


QuickBlock – extremely cool freeware game for UIQ 3!


QuickBlock is an extremely cool freeware game for Sony Ericsson smart phones running UIQ 3. It makes use of the touch screen on the phone and will seriously put your reaction skills to a test!

In this game it’s all about moving and staying alive. You have to move around your orange block and avoid the green block, which will continuously morph into more – smaller – blocks.

As said, it’s freeware so give it a try. My best time is 57 now 59 seconds – see if you can beat it!

Looking Back At Year 2007


In this article we will take a look back at the year that just passed by our noses. 2007 was indeed a fabulous year for the mobile phone world, and so it was for our favourite manufacturer – Sony Ericsson.

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Audio and video podcaster for UIQ 3

My friend Sebastian Brännström (aka teknolog) and Lars Persson (aka AnotherGuest) have been developing a really cool freeware application for UIQ 3. It’s an audio and video podcast application called Escarpod. The graphics in the application has been created by Alan Eddie, who has done a fabulous job! I was first helping a little with the icons, but Alan’s are far better 🙂

Escarpod was recently submitted to the UIQ Open contest and was then published on the project website on the first of January. Escarpod is currently in a beta 2 stage and the release version will come later in January with more translations (I’ve added the Danish translation!). Escarpod will run on any UIQ 3 phone, but it’s highly recommended to use it on one with WLAN to cut the data expenses.

You can read more and download the free application here.

The open source Bergamot project – as this UIQ 3 project has been called – also includes other applications and very exciting future projects and ports from S60 to UIQ 3. You can find more info about the project on its Google Code website.

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Free Pdf+ ROM update for UIQ 3 phones

mBrain Software, the company behind the PDF-viewer on M600, P1, P990 and W960, has just released a free ROM update for these phones. I’ve tried it on my W960 and so far it looks good. It installed without any problems and seems to be working just fine.

In order to get this “Christmas present” from mBrain Software, go to this web site and browse to the bottom of the page and download the Pdf+UIQ_3x_ROM_Upgrade_1_75_05_signed.sis file.

P1 now ships with a GPS in India

Some days ago a comment was posted here about P1 now being available with a Bluetooth GPS in India. Today I found a picture of an advert in a news paper in India at Esato.com. The pricing is Rs 22.995 (580 USD) with the GPS and 20.995 (510 USD) without the GPS. I can’t seem to find a currency converter, so if someone can, please let me know about this Thanks, Suresh! 🙂

Source: Esato forums


P5 hardware update

Now the information can probably no longer be held back, so here it goes.
The hardware changes, that we talked about yesterday, consist of two hardware components.

  • Processor. Instead of a TI OMAP 2420 @ 332 MHz it will be an unknown TI @ 520 MHz processor.
  • GPS module

The new UI with all its features will probably also need a stronger processor. This processor will also be compatible with Windows Mobile 6. This is an essential step in regard of the ability to construct new hardware.

Therefore this very late decision means the FP1 again will be discarded, and a new hardware platform created. Maria is said to be running the same platform.
The main reason for the CPU swap is the simultaneous announcement of new ARM-chipsets at the Smartphone Show 2007. The new chipsets are significantly
more efficient in terms of its graphics features than any previous versions.