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China: Sony Ericsson wins gaming award

Sony Ericsson has just won the “2007 Most Popular Game Equipment” award at the 2007 China Game Industry Annual Conference (CGIAC) held in Suzhou, China, on the 15th – 17th of January. The Chinese Developer Team was present and to accept the honorable reward was Liu Peng, Manager of Sony Ericsson Developer World China.

– I am very honored to take the award on behalf of Sony Ericsson. We really appreciate the great support from our partners and end-users. Sony Ericsson Developer World will continue to assist and support China’s wireless developers so they can offer more quality mobile phone games in the future, Liu Peng said.

The Chinese Developer World has only launched in May 2007, and has already won this large award – quite impressive, I think!



Sony Ericsson at MIDEM 2008

MIDEM is a music market exhibition, and Sony Ericsson will take part of this on the 24th to the 27th of January. Although I already knew this, the invitations to the event has been sent to different web sites now, and here it is.


This will mainly be used for announcing details on the upcoming PlayNow Arena platform, but I’d beat that a few Walkman phones featuring this new platform will be announced.

Source: Mobilecowboys via Sony Ericsson Fanboy

Sony Ericsson in partnership with McCann Erickson

Two days ago, Sony Ericsson announced that it would be extending its marketing department with a partnership with McCann Erickson. This will include worldwide campaigns, advertisements and will be a way to improve consumer relationships.

– We have very ambitious goals for the Sony Ericsson brand, said Dee Dutta, who is the Corporate Vice President and Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson in London.

– Moving forward, we are looking at increased integration across all of our marketing disciplines including online, print, TV and retail as well as greater consumer engagement. McCann Erickson has a deep understanding of how this works and can help us to grow the brand globally even further, he added.McCann Erickson has been working together with Sony Ericsson some years back, but then Saatchi and Saatchi took over with global campaigns and such, but now they will all be working for Sony Ericsson.

Saatchi and Saatchi have done a good job for us so far, especially at a regional level, and they will continue to be a partner of Sony Ericsson, Dutta ends.

Sum-up of all the new pictures and phones

Three new phones are to be announced in about five hours;




Furthermore they’ll announce the MAS-100 and a set of various cases. All the pictures of the above mentioned stuff can be found in this post by reading on.

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USEB in partnership with eSeth.net

eSeth.net is a great site for especially fantastic Sony Ericsson themes, and lately they’ve also added news and reviews sections for Nokia phones (news only) and Sony Ericsson phones (news, reviews and a future section about theming). I’m proud to say that eSeth.net users will now also be able to find a large part of the published Sony Ericsson reviews from this blog at eSeth.net. Not all reviews are yet published there, but I’m sure they’ll get there some time soon.

Check out their review section here.

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P1 now ships with a GPS in India

Some days ago a comment was posted here about P1 now being available with a Bluetooth GPS in India. Today I found a picture of an advert in a news paper in India at Esato.com. The pricing is Rs 22.995 (580 USD) with the GPS and 20.995 (510 USD) without the GPS. I can’t seem to find a currency converter, so if someone can, please let me know about this Thanks, Suresh! 🙂

Source: Esato forums


Patent on underwater image capturing

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!! That’s innovation! Sony Ericsson has just filed a patent on something very cool – underwater image capturing! The picture does look a bit weird, but I guess this would require the camera housing to be 100 percent sealed and not let anything in (like all the dust on the K850!). If they fail to do so, it will be a huge failure! Anyway, here’s the description from the patent and picture below 🙂

A housing may include a first portion that includes a window configured to allow a lens to capture images viewed through the window, and a first mating surface. The housing may include a second portion that includes a second mating surface adapted to mate with the first mating surface to form a watertight seal, at least one button to provide a signal to a terminal supported in the second portion, and a receiving surface on an inner surface of the second portion adapted to receive an insert, where the insert is adapted to be removeably coupled to the receiving surface on a first side and to receive the terminal via a second side.