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Exclusive: Large update on Paris

‘Paris’ is the codename of the speculated high-end phone P5.
Sliding keyboard and different home screens you can navigate between by pressing left and right. Also, we’ve got a sliding mechanism on the back of the phone as a lens protector for the camera. “5 MP” is also stated on the back near the camera. It comes with a stylus even though the user interface can easily be used with your finger as well. It’s black and a bit smaller than P1. It has a built-in GPS (NaviLink 5.0 NL5350) with WayFinder 7.0 built-in as well as a weather application and the new Opera Mobile 9 with intelligent zoom and widgets. Based on OMAP34xx hardware platform.

Paris is going to be announced along with Beibei, if everything goes as planned, which it should.


First Hint Of Z770i

We just love Sony Ericsson, don’t we? All these little leaks to keep us busy. 😀

Newest entry in the Fun & Downloads area is a mysterious file called “test_z770.mp4”, a video with:

  • 352 x 288 pixels
  • 15 fps
  • MPEG-4 with 560 Kbps

No further information is available at this point.

Download link: http://www.sonyericsson.com/downloads/fd/57/test_z770.mp4

Btw, it’s another “You read it first on USEB” 😉

Exclusive: Beibei user interface pictures

Lots of icons from the upcoming Beibei’s user interface. The phone will be running UIQ 3.2, and this is an exclusive preview of what the future will hold 😀 I guess the picture pretty much speaks for itself, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Small update on Beibei

We’ve got yet another small update on the upcoming Beibei phone. It appears that it’ll be running UIQ 3.2 and will feature the same Walkman player as on the lovely W960. Furthermore, it’ll have a radio and a camera lens cover. For what I’m concerned, there’s a slight chance it’ll also feature auto focus.

Update! It will also feature Opera Mobile 9 with widgets support!

Update 2! Beibei will feature an integrated GPS from Texas Instruments, called NaviLink 5.0 NL5350. You can find out more info about it right here! This will work with the built-in WayFinder 7.0 navigation application.

Key features:

  • Single chip using TI’s DRP™ technology
  • The smallest GPS solution with a board area around 25 mm2
  • Lowest total bill-of-materials for a complete GPS system with only 11 external passives required
  • Low power with integrated power management
  • High GPS performance with weaker satellite signals, exceeding 3GPP and 3GPP2 requirements
  • Optimized to interface with TI’s 3G chipsets and OMAP™ processors to deliver a complete solution for handset OEMs

By the way, it is optimized to run on OMAP 😉

WLAN is also built-in.

Sony Ericsson to double manufacturing capacity in India

Sony Ericsson today announced four new phones and its plans for manufacturing phones in India at a global announcement in New Delhi. Of the four phones – T270, T280, R300 and R306 – two phones will be manufactured in India. The R300 and R306 will join the ranks of phones like the J110, J120 and W200i that are already being manufactured in the country. While not revealing the current production capacity, Sudhin Mathur, GM, India operations, said that production capacity will be doubled in 2008 and will exceed 10 million phones by 2009. It will also ramp up the number of Sony Ericsson exclusive experience stores from 58 to 300 by the year 2009.

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Sony Ericsson R300 and R306 live!

We were present at the Sony Ericsson global announcement in New Delhi and well, we have a present for you – the first impressions and live pictures of the two Radio phones that have been designed and made for India! Both the phones support Am and FM radio, a first for the Indian market (and probably European and American markets as well). Moreover, both will be priced in the range of Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000, which makes them quite desirable.

Without wasting any more words, let’s just get going with the meaty details.

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Exclusive: Sony Ericsson R306i spotted!

Pictures of a new Sony Ericsson phone – the R306i – were spotted on the official Sony Ericsson website a few hours before its official announcement. The R306i is a clamshell entry-level phone with radio buttons on the face. As we had reported earlier it will be the first cellphone in India to support AM radio! Also spotted were the official pictures of the T280i, which we had revealed a few hours ago. Another phone that is expected to be announced today is the R300i, which might be a candy bar radio phone.

All phones have now been announced – more about them later today!

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