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China: Sony Ericsson wins gaming award

Sony Ericsson has just won the “2007 Most Popular Game Equipment” award at the 2007 China Game Industry Annual Conference (CGIAC) held in Suzhou, China, on the 15th – 17th of January. The Chinese Developer Team was present and to accept the honorable reward was Liu Peng, Manager of Sony Ericsson Developer World China.

– I am very honored to take the award on behalf of Sony Ericsson. We really appreciate the great support from our partners and end-users. Sony Ericsson Developer World will continue to assist and support China’s wireless developers so they can offer more quality mobile phone games in the future, Liu Peng said.

The Chinese Developer World has only launched in May 2007, and has already won this large award – quite impressive, I think!



Here I am again :-)

So now I’ve got some free time on my hands and would like to start off with a small announcement. I’ve told you I’d be getting P1, which I won’t. Because I changed my mind today and decided to get a W960 instead! 🙂 I’ll order it this Monday and hopefully I should have it Tuesday or Wednesday. Anyhow, here’s a small recap of the things that have happened while I was busy.

Sony Ericsson has expanded its Developer World site so there is now also a full Chinese site with a Chinese developer forum to it. This means there’ll be tutorials, articles, RSS feeds, discussions and such in Chinese as well from now on.

A patent has been found where Sony Ericsson has patented a technology that will enable camera based control. This means that Sony Ericsson will be one step closing to creating an interactive phone that can react to a person’s gestures – perhaps this could mean that a person could wave with his hand in front of a camera on the phone and the phone would react accordingly to the movements and commands given by the hand – all I can say is COOL!

Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2007


Sony Ericsson has launched a new and exciting site at their Developer website. It’s actually an awards showcase where some of the best Sony Ericsson content in 2007 will be awarded. There are five content focus areas:

  • Gaming
  • Imaging
  • Productive Mobility
  • Music and Audio
  • Themes and Graphics

Both J2ME and UIQ 3 content is featured and so are themes for both non smartphones and smartphones.

At the Flash website there are also a few videos of Mats Lindoff (Corporate Vice President) and Jens Greve (Senior Manager and Head of Sony Ericsson Developer World) talking about the future of mobile phones and mobile content. Quite interesting, if you ask me.

In my opinion all the nominees have a good chance of winning, but there can only be one in each category – and you can take part of deciding which one!

You’ll find the flash website right here and more information about the Awards here.

Back from Prague & short recap of the week

I’m finally back from Prague after 5 lovely days of low prices and bulging meals. But enough about Prague, let’s get back to Sony Ericsson! Here’s a short recap of the week.

Sony Ericsson Z320 and Z750 have both been approved by FCC, and will soon be available. As far as I know Z750 will be available for the American market only, while Z320 will come in both an American version as well as an international version.

Sony Ericsson Developer World has set up a competition to get more tutorials, guides and such in their Wiki. This time you can win a new Sony Ericsson W910 by writing a article about the new JP8 and the JSRs in it. Check the official site for more info.

Pictures of an unknown W880 successor have been on surfacing the web lately. It’s reportedly a 12 mm Walkman phone with a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus and Walkman Player 3.0. Specification wise it looks a lot like the K770, and makes use of the same, new menu interface. You can find pictures of it here!

The Havanna range of phones, which I did a post about earlier on, has now officially been announced. The same has the V640, which is a non-Walkman branded music phone exclusively for Vodafone with HSDPA.

Last but not least it seems that Sony Ericsson could be working on a new concept, which pretty much is a sliding touchscreen, that can work as both navigation keys and a small / large screen depending on what one uses it for.