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The day has come…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… The day has come for us to move on. WordPress.com has been our blogging home for many months now, but as we feel we have been rapidly expanding lately, we feel that we can not keep up with all the Sony Ericsson stuff, rumours, reviews, codenames and such anymore… at least not here! 😀

As of today, the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog will be hosted by no other than the great SE-NSE website and will from now on be found at


The partnership with SE-NSE will bring along many more things than this – I might even say, that this is just the tip of the iceberg, really.

We do of course hope that you’ll join us at the new domain where we’ll be more active and ready with the news than ever – the term “USEB Exclusive” will get a whole new meaning! 🙂

We would like to urge upon all websites linking towards this blog, to change the link to the new website and furthermore give you all a great thanks for taking part of making the blog what it is.

While the new site is ready to show the world, there are still some very minor things needing to be fixed (like files from this blog to the new one), but we don’t count on this taking too long.

Best regards,

The team behind USEB.


Sony Ericsson to double manufacturing capacity in India

Sony Ericsson today announced four new phones and its plans for manufacturing phones in India at a global announcement in New Delhi. Of the four phones – T270, T280, R300 and R306 – two phones will be manufactured in India. The R300 and R306 will join the ranks of phones like the J110, J120 and W200i that are already being manufactured in the country. While not revealing the current production capacity, Sudhin Mathur, GM, India operations, said that production capacity will be doubled in 2008 and will exceed 10 million phones by 2009. It will also ramp up the number of Sony Ericsson exclusive experience stores from 58 to 300 by the year 2009.

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Sony Ericsson R300 and R306 live!

We were present at the Sony Ericsson global announcement in New Delhi and well, we have a present for you – the first impressions and live pictures of the two Radio phones that have been designed and made for India! Both the phones support Am and FM radio, a first for the Indian market (and probably European and American markets as well). Moreover, both will be priced in the range of Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000, which makes them quite desirable.

Without wasting any more words, let’s just get going with the meaty details.

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Exclusive: Sony Ericsson R306i spotted!

Pictures of a new Sony Ericsson phone – the R306i – were spotted on the official Sony Ericsson website a few hours before its official announcement. The R306i is a clamshell entry-level phone with radio buttons on the face. As we had reported earlier it will be the first cellphone in India to support AM radio! Also spotted were the official pictures of the T280i, which we had revealed a few hours ago. Another phone that is expected to be announced today is the R300i, which might be a candy bar radio phone.

All phones have now been announced – more about them later today!

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Sony Ericsson T270 and T280 unveiled

Here we go again! Another Sony Ericsson announcement and another leak. We have just received pictures of two new phones in the T-series, which have been branded as T270 and T280. Joining the T250, the T270 and T280 will sport a 128 x 160 pixel display and will be Bluetooth enabled. The T280 will have a 1.3 megapixel camera, while the T270 won’t. Both the phones are expected to be announced tomorrow. Also in the line-up for tomorrow’s global announcement are two radio phones. We’ll keep you posted about them.

Pic courtesy: Maximys
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Q4 results & 2007 highlights (bonus: Announcement sheet)

Sony Ericsson today released their results for the fourth quarter and whole year 2007.

The most impressive number first: Sony Ericsson sold over 100 million handsets in 2007 and have an expected market share of a little over 9 percent!

Other highlights as they follow:

Q4 Highlights:

  • 18% increase in volume year-on-year
  • Continued market share gains and profitable growth
  • Continued investment for the future

2007 Highlights:

  • Margins remain strong as company shifts to broader portfolio
  • Unit growth underpinned by increased sales of lower priced phones
  • 145 million music enabled phones sold to date, of which 57 million were Walkman® phones – maintaining leadership in music

You can find all interesting and not-sooo-interesting facts in the Press Release.

The bonus picture from this morning’s webcast can be seen after the jump. Continue reading

SE appoints Maria Sharapova global brand ambassador

maria_sharapova1.jpgIt has today been announced that the young Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova – who played part in the “Never Miss A Shot”-campaign – is now Sony Ericsson’s first global brand ambassador, and has signed an exclusive 4-year contract with Sony Ericsson.

Maria will help Sony Ericsson in approaching its core target, and she will also be working with Sony Ericsson’s design team on a large variety of upcoming mobile phones and accessories.

Now in our seventh year as a company, the brand has evolved significantly and securing a global brand ambassador is a natural progression to take our brand to the next level in an increasingly competitive market place, said Dee Dutta, Corporate Vice President and Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson.
Maria’s iconic status, determination, dynamism, success and charm match strongly with the Sony Ericsson brand, which prides itself on innovative and cool design with substance.
Our alignment with Maria’s global iconic status, combined with our brand expertise and innovative thinking aims to provide something new and something different to our customers around the world.

– It is really exciting to be working with a cool brand like Sony Ericsson which has such a strong reputation in the entertainment industry, Maria Sharapova added.
Even though most people know me as a tennis player, I have so many passions beyond the sport like fashion, music, film and design; which Sony Ericsson and I are going to be exploring together through our partnership, she ends.

To me this looks like just one of many upcoming steps from Mr Hideki Komiyama to enhance and improve the way consumers look at Sony Ericsson. Well done!