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Site news archive

[15th of January]
150.000+ pageviews!

[24th of December]
Merry Christmas!

[22nd of December]
Gallery page removed in order for new stuff to fit.

[1st of December]
50.000+ pageviews!

[14th of November]
Contributor Xellar has been added to the blog. The Gallery and Reviews-pages have been updated with a new look.

[13th of November]
Quite a few changes on the sidebars and a new header image was set yesterday.

[8th of November]
A forum has been added to the blog. Click here to visit it!

[3rd of November]
A file box from Box.net has been added so you can easily download stuff from the blog, M3 – Movies & Music for your Mobile has been added to PC Applications and a new page “Sony Ericsson” has been launched. Other than that a new contributor – m-one – has been added to the blog.

[28th & 29th of October]
XS++ & Sony Ericsson Media Manager has been added to the Applications page.

[24th of October]
Goldenface from Esato forums has been added as a contributor of the blog.

[22nd of October]
The FAQ-page has been removed. “Sony Ericsson Me!”-page announced, translate box at the left sidebar has been added (actually, that was a couple of days ago!).

[1st of October]
More galleries are being uploaded to the blog (though not yet published), PC Applications site has been created and updated with text, download links and pictures, Reviews site has been slightly updated with a new review and the About page has been updated with information about commenting.

[15th of September]
The About page has been slightly updated, and galleries are starting to appear as well as reviews are.

[14th of September]
Codenames page is pretty much complete now, and the next thing will be to get the Reviews page complete.

[11th of September]
Blog created!

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