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Blog writers

Michell Bak (aka Mizzle)
Editor and site administrator – email: sonyericssonblog@gmail.com

Michell is 17 years old and is a student as well as freelance journalist. He’s currently living in Denmark, but has dreams of working for Sony Ericsson in Sweden and also living there. He has been using Sony Ericsson phones since the start of 2002, and was primarily using Ericsson phones before that.

Author and forum moderator

Xellar is 23 years old and a business student from Germany. Starting with a K700i in 2004, he has used mostly Sony Ericsson products ever since. Xellar is also a moderator at our forum and at SE-world.info.

Author and forum moderator

M-one is 25 years and living in Germany. M-one’s first Sony Ericsson phone was the K700 shortly followed by the legendary K750, which is still being used this day today. M-one is also a moderator at our forum.


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