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About blog


The Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog is a blog all about Sony Ericsson and anything that relates to it. This means there’ll be posts about new phones, strategies, corporative changes, rumors, secrets, tweaks & guides, galleries, codenames, PC applications, reviews and much, much more!

The blog has got no connection to Sony Ericsson (apart from review phones), and is being run by Michell Bak and its contributors as a spare time activity. A list of all writers can be found here.
If you think you can help, then send me an e-mail! 🙂

If you want to check out my current Sony Ericsson phones or give your thoughts & comments on a certain Sony Ericsson phone, then please use the Sony Ericsson Me!-page. Here you can also post pictures (links) of your own phone(s) 🙂

How to contact?

You can contact the author(s) simply by leaving a comment in a post or by e-mail. It’s always great to get some input from the readers, so please don’t hesitate on commenting or e-mailing – I offer a “always-reply” guarantee 😉

E-mail: sonyericssonblog@gmail.com

Link exchange?

I like link exchange, and it’s a good way to get to know other blogs and sites. This is why I fully support link exchange here at The Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog, and everyone is welcome to write an email about it. But remember! Only Sony Ericsson related sites/blogs will be added to the blogroll.

Grade system

When reviews are being published at The Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog, there’s always a grade at the end. This signifies what the author thinks about the phone and is of course also a way for you to compare it to other phones. Please bare in mind that the publishing date has an extreme factor for the grade – i.e. if a phone reviewed in one year gets a “Very good”-grade and a phone that gets reviewed the year after also gets this grade, then it doesn’t mean that they’re equally good or perform equally well. Date is an important factor. The phones will be judged on five factors: Design, Features, Interface, Performance & Price. The average grade will be the final grade, which are as follows;

1 – 2: poor

3 – 4: average

5 – 6: good

7 – 8: very good

9 – 10: excellent


I love comments, and they’re always welcome here. It’s nice to know how my readers feel about the stuff I post and write about, and also can give their opinion about a certain phone, accessory, application and alike. When commenting on a post, a lot of things can be done with the formatting – things like bold characters, links and of course smilies. And here’s a nice overview of the smilies (and codes!) accepted by WordPress.com (press to enlarge).




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