First Hint Of Z770i

We just love Sony Ericsson, don’t we? All these little leaks to keep us busy. 😀

Newest entry in the Fun & Downloads area is a mysterious file called “test_z770.mp4”, a video with:

  • 352 x 288 pixels
  • 15 fps
  • MPEG-4 with 560 Kbps

No further information is available at this point.

Download link:

Btw, it’s another “You read it first on USEB” 😉


3 Responses

  1. This video was made in India…the vehicle is Tata Sumo,The radio has hindi ads…and the people are speaking some south Indian language.

  2. huhuhu, i notice some new video also there. especially uk and canada sony homepage. anyway, any ideas which software player you use to play the .mp4 file. 😉

  3. @ DT
    yeah indian language and Tata Sumo!! does this mean that this Z770 is made or developed in India?

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