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Small update on Beibei

We’ve got yet another small update on the upcoming Beibei phone. It appears that it’ll be running UIQ 3.2 and will feature the same Walkman player as on the lovely W960. Furthermore, it’ll have a radio and a camera lens cover. For what I’m concerned, there’s a slight chance it’ll also feature auto focus.

Update! It will also feature Opera Mobile 9 with widgets support!

Update 2! Beibei will feature an integrated GPS from Texas Instruments, called NaviLink 5.0 NL5350. You can find out more info about it right here! This will work with the built-in WayFinder 7.0 navigation application.

Key features:

  • Single chip using TI’s DRP™ technology
  • The smallest GPS solution with a board area around 25 mm2
  • Lowest total bill-of-materials for a complete GPS system with only 11 external passives required
  • Low power with integrated power management
  • High GPS performance with weaker satellite signals, exceeding 3GPP and 3GPP2 requirements
  • Optimized to interface with TI’s 3G chipsets and OMAP™ processors to deliver a complete solution for handset OEMs

By the way, it is optimized to run on OMAP 😉

WLAN is also built-in.


16 Responses

  1. should we see it before 3GSM

  2. So it is an update of W960??
    Whate the 2 buttons on extreme left and right just below the call buttons??
    16Gb??accelerometer??Anything new in walkman??

  3. what is widgets support?

  4. Lens cover and AF for a Walkman phone? Wow.

    Maybe this phone isn’t as mid-end as I thought.

  5. Hi Michell Bak 🙂

    you mentioned UIQ 3.2 as it’s base platform, so you mean BeiBei is not Touchscreen? since Motorola Z10 is UIQ 3.2 and is not TS at all.

  6. JAMPB mentions that this is non-ts phone !!!

    I hope it will have WiFi too, if this is true it will be just another W960i clone just, slimmer, camera cover & newer

    the icons mention Way Finder, is this mean GPS ??

    and also it has some wether icons ( hot & cold ) !!

    if this is not high-end and has all these things, I wonder what will Maria have !!

  7. @razec
    UIQ has support for both touch screen phones and non touch screen phones.

    I wonder where JUSTAMP has its source from… since we’re the only source for this info!

    WayFinder is definitely built-in at the moment, not sure about GPS. Also weather application.

  8. razec: UIQ 3.2 supports touch screen, like all UIQ versions.
    The Z10 has a reguar non-touch screen, that is why you can’t use the touchscreen capabilities with this phone.

  9. many Thanks for Michell Bak, Xajel and werty 🙂

    I wonder if this baby has now an integrated Audio Chip?

  10. No problem.

    All Sony Ericsson’s smart phones has a dedicated audio processing chip. It’s part of the hardware platform they’re built on, and this one will be build on OMAP34xx, so yes, it’ll have as well.

  11. razec and Michell, you’re my heros 😀

    but Michell, after some thining about Beibei and Paris, I had a thought that Beibei and Paris will be the launch devices for Xperia sieres ?

    I mean Beibei has many advantages over W960i, so the W960i successor ( codenamed Maria ) is somehow questionable device as Beibei maybe some how superiour… I mean GPS and stuff like this..

    so will Beibei and Paris will be High-end & Ultra High-end devices for Xperia sieres ?

    I know you said before that Beibei will have the exact same Walkman player as W960i, but will that player be ‘Walkman’ branded too ? or the exact in side of functuality only, as if it Beibei is Walkman branded then I don’t see Maria as the flag ship of Walkman devices !! Maria can’t have more features as it will compete againest Paris too !!

    the whole thing is complicated for the positioning of Maria, Beibei & Paris, especially the first two. thats unless I missed some thing ( for example, SE decided to drop Maria for Beibei ! )

  12. interesting deliberation…

  13. I’m not sure about the whole Xperia stuff and if it’s ready to launch, so I’m afraid I can’t give you any answer to that.

  14. thanks Michell,

    forgive about Xperia, what do thing about the positioning of Maria vs. Beibei now ? specially looking at Beibei as ‘might be a’ Walkman Phone too…

  15. Xajel,

    I have a feeling that Maria was the old version of Beibei, but as I said, it’s just a feeling. But don’t worry – Beibei IS a Walkman phone with the same Walkman player as on W960, though with a few enhancements, it seems.

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