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Is this a Sony Ericsson K850i variant?

The pictures you are looking at are probably of a variant of Sony Ericsson’s flagship 5 megapixel camera phone – the K850i. There were rumours floating around about the existence of such a phone and these pictures from www.pconline.com.cn confirm them all the more. The variant, which should be indexed in the K8xx series, will have a manual shutter and physical soft keys rather than the touch keys found on the K850i. The missing Xenon flash is a bit of a shock and the overall design of the phone seems in line with the T-series rather that the K-series. Speculated specifications hint at a 16 million display screen and GPS positioning service. Let’s see if we see this one at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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8 Responses

  1. I think and hope this is fake !

  2. 3MP camera apparently. K830 anyone?

  3. I think another 3,2 MPX camera. K780i or K830i are my tips.

  4. This is quite simply the oddest design I have ever seen, but I like it a lot. Dunno why. I may buy this along side the P5i.

  5. 3.2 MP, JP-8, UMTS. That’s all I want…

    I hope it will be K830.

  6. You can find the “Cyber-Shot” logo on the top of camera cover ..

    It gonna be a K ..

  7. Hmm quite frankly it looks quite ugly (sorry to those who like it), but the back lacks the design qualites normally associated with their flagships or high end k series phones. Thu shutter is terrible, and no xenon?????? i like how they’ve used all physical buttons but front just doesn’t look attractive, might be of the colour scheme?

  8. It’s a T-series model. You can tell just looking at it.
    Cybershot or not, I can’t see this being a Kxxx model.

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