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Sony Ericsson’s Newest Patents

On Januar 15th, three new U.S. patents were published. I’ll give you the pic on the clamshell holder now and the abstracts with links to all patents after the break.

clamshell holder

United States Patent 7319887:

Holder for a clamshell-type mobile phone

The present invention relates to a holder for a clamshell-type mobile phone with two parts connected to each other and foldable onto each other by a hinge. The holder includes a holding structure having two opposing sidewalls for releasably holding one part of the mobile phone. The holder includes a lower sidewall with a connector configured to connect to a corresponding connector of the mobile phone. The two opposing sidewalls and the lower sidewall together define an inside portion of the holding structure. The two opposing sidewalls respectively include a protruding element protruding towards the inside portion of the holding structure and configured to engage into respective apertures of the hinge of the mobile phone.

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United States Patent 7319433:

Wideband antenna device with extended ground plane in a portable device

An antenna device for a portable device has an antenna loop of conducting material to be connected to radio circuitry in the portable device. The antenna loop is positioned opposite a ground plane of a PCB. Also, the antenna device also comprises at least one battery, which is positioned in the extension of a first side of the PCB, and acts as an extension of the ground plane of the PCB.

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United States Patent 7319432:

Multiband planar built-in radio antenna with inverted-L main and parasitic radiators

A multi-band radio antenna device (1) for a radio communication terminal, comprising a flat ground substrate (20), a flat main radiating element (2, 9) having a radio signal feeding point (3), and a flat parasitic element (5, 6). The main radiating 5 element is located adjacent to and in the same plane as said ground substrate, and preferably dielectrically separated therefrom. The antenna device is suitable for being used as a built-in antenna in portable radio terminals, such as a mobile phone (30).

Read full text


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