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Sony Ericsson to release ‘Quicksilver Black’ variant K850

This just got in. Sony Ericsson is to release a ‘Quicksilver Black’ colour variant K850 camera phone. Nothing else than the colouring should be changed. So far, I haven’t been able to fetch any pictures of this variant, but it could be the one, we’ve seen earlier on. I haven’t got any word on availability yet.

Furthermore, I can tell you, that Sony Ericsson’s upcoming firmware for the K850, will not be the R1DA038 revision, but instead a completely new and better one 🙂 Let’s hope I have fixed my K850 by then, as it should not take more than a week’s time!

Update! The first press picture of this colour variant has now hit the forums – count on more live pictures coming from us tomorrow 😉


8 Responses

  1. looks beautifullllllll…

  2. Regarding the firmware, can you quote your source of that information? I want to believe it, but need a little info to backup that claim. THanks.

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