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Sony Ericsson in partnership with McCann Erickson

Two days ago, Sony Ericsson announced that it would be extending its marketing department with a partnership with McCann Erickson. This will include worldwide campaigns, advertisements and will be a way to improve consumer relationships.

– We have very ambitious goals for the Sony Ericsson brand, said Dee Dutta, who is the Corporate Vice President and Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson in London.

– Moving forward, we are looking at increased integration across all of our marketing disciplines including online, print, TV and retail as well as greater consumer engagement. McCann Erickson has a deep understanding of how this works and can help us to grow the brand globally even further, he added.McCann Erickson has been working together with Sony Ericsson some years back, but then Saatchi and Saatchi took over with global campaigns and such, but now they will all be working for Sony Ericsson.

Saatchi and Saatchi have done a good job for us so far, especially at a regional level, and they will continue to be a partner of Sony Ericsson, Dutta ends.


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