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Looking Back At Year 2007


In this article we will take a look back at the year that just passed by our noses. 2007 was indeed a fabulous year for the mobile phone world, and so it was for our favourite manufacturer – Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson kicked off 2007 by previewing the ultra-thin W880 at January 7th, and announced the low-end Walkman phone W200 just the day after that. On the same day, two other products were announced. These were accessories, one being a Bluetooth music receiver (MBR-100) and the other being the style edition of the HBH-PV705 Bluetooth headset.

On February 2nd, the acquisition of UIQ Technology was completed, and Sony Ericsson now owned the Swedish company. Only a few days later, on the 6th of February, Sony Ericsson announced 4 low-end phones (K200, K220, J110 & J120) along with three headsets and the PC300 Mobile Broadband PC Card. But what most might remember this day for, was the announcement of the W610, the stylish W880 as well as the camera oriented Cyber-shot phones K550 & K810.

In mid-March, Sony Ericsson announced the cool W660 Walkman phone along with the HPS-75 speakers and IPK-100 camera phone kit. About two weeks later, the Z750 was announced – the manufacturer’s first HSDPA-enabled phone. Z750 was also the first phone to make use of the also newly announced JP-8 Java platform and the new A200 operating system. This day did also sport the announcement of the street styled W580 and Sony Ericsson revealed its plans to produce phones in partnership with French Sagem Communication.

The next announcement date was May 8th, and a set of nice looking phones were announced here. The low-end T250 and big brother T650 showed up at the party and the emotional S500 couldn’t help but drop in as well. The P1 smart phone was also announced here. HBH-DS980, which is a stereo Bluetooth headset, was announced as well.

Next up was the day many people had been waiting for – the 14th of June. Sony Ericsson announced a large number of phones here. The K530, K850, W910, W960, Z250 & Z320 were all announced here. Also announced was the HGE-100 GPS Enabler & three new Bluetooth watches (MBW-150 in three different editions).

The beautiful K770 Cyber-shot phone was announced on 14th of November.

The first news in September, was that the current President of SEMC had resigned from his position effective 1st November. Replacing him would be Hideki Komiyama from SONY Corporation. At the end of September, Sony Ericsson announced the V640 – an exclusive HSDPA-enabled phone for Vodafone – as well as the Havana collection of phones (V640, W880 & W910), also exclusive on Vodafone.

The 11th of October played host to the announcement of MBS-100 and the generic version of V640 – the K630.

In the early start of November, we saw the announcement of the HSDPA-enabled K660, the Walkman branded W380 and W890. This was the last announcement of the year.

In short, Sony Ericsson announced 27 mobile phones in 2007. I’d bet that it’ll pass 30 in 2008!


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