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Q4 results & 2007 highlights (bonus: Announcement sheet)

Sony Ericsson today released their results for the fourth quarter and whole year 2007.

The most impressive number first: Sony Ericsson sold over 100 million handsets in 2007 and have an expected market share of a little over 9 percent!

Other highlights as they follow:

Q4 Highlights:

  • 18% increase in volume year-on-year
  • Continued market share gains and profitable growth
  • Continued investment for the future

2007 Highlights:

  • Margins remain strong as company shifts to broader portfolio
  • Unit growth underpinned by increased sales of lower priced phones
  • 145 million music enabled phones sold to date, of which 57 million were Walkman® phones – maintaining leadership in music

You can find all interesting and not-sooo-interesting facts in the Press Release.

The bonus picture from this morning’s webcast can be seen after the jump.

Here it goes, announcement in the next weeks:


(when it comes to pictures… tell us your opinion on our new banner)


4 Responses

  1. I am looking forward for feb 10 announcement, mostly p5 as per your own words…hope it insults iphone, like vaio insulted today in macbook air announcement!! 🙂

  2. I mean, today jobs tried to compare macbook air with vaio….and earned the ire of general press and bloggers….needless to say apple stock is down by 8% today.
    hope the p5 will do the same

  3. Wow! Great job SE.
    And a very cool new banner too, Mizzle. But since the background is in red color, it’d better that you change the color of W760 to the silver one.

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