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Sony Ericsson W760i


Some specs:

– Thin slider
– A200 platform
– 3,2 mega pixel camera without auto focus
– Shake control
– Stereo speakers
– 2,2 inch screen
– M2 1GB
– Accelerometer
– Motion Sensor


18 Responses

  1. Will be announced tomorrow at CES in Las Vegas

  2. how much do you reccon it will cost roughly. on pay as you go 🙂
    also will it have the lights coming out the side of it like the w580i.

  3. I think it’ll be about £280 – £300 to start off with and will then drop to about £250 in the first two month’s time. That would be my guess.

  4. when will this phone come out?

  5. in the US, i mean.

  6. The official statement is Q2, but I’d say some time in April.

  7. Rlly nice, it kind of remind me the w910i .. i like it, but can u tell me if the camera is a good one ? i mean megapixels are good, but colors and stuff

  8. The camera picture quality will be acceptable, but far from picture due to the fact that it has got no auto focus. Quality will be about the same as the W890 (check GSMArena for samples), and the colour saturation will be great.

  9. when will this phone be out in the u.k?

  10. Still, I think April will be the month.

  11. Will the phone support SAP (Sim Access Profile)
    What Maps will be on the phone
    Will voice routing be free?

  12. Not sure about the first one. There will be no maps on the phone – all will be downloaded OTA when using the application with Wayfinder. No voice routing, as far as I know.

  13. do you think that it will be available through at&t in the u.s.?

  14. how much will it be if its not sim free

  15. how much is W760i in dollars?

  16. You said it will be out in april and i still don’t see it i am with at&t and am ready for a upgrade, and i would like to wait for this phone. so can you give me a good date that this will come out in the u.s. for at&t?

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