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CES 2008 – what will we see from Sony Ericsson?


In this blog post I’ll be doing a little foreseeing and will try to put into words what might happen at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas – Sony Ericsson products – and possibly some strategies – of course. CES starts at the 7th and ends on the 10th this month. So, lets get on with it…

w880_preview.jpgLast year at the CES show, Sony Ericsson announced the low-end W200 music phone and previewed the W880, which was then later announced on the 6th of February, about a month later. Furthermore they announced a few accessories.

The year before this they announced the W810 music phone and the portable speakers MPS-60. Again, music focused products.

This pattern is most likely to repeat itself yet again, meaning that Sony Ericsson will only announce music oriented products. This could very well be about 2 mobile phones and a few accessories for these (speakers). If we’re lucky, we’ll also see some camera related products.

walkman.jpgBut lets stick to the ones that are obvious to be announced – Walkman products. First of all, why am I saying two phones? Well, in 2006 the Japanese/Swedish manufacturer announced one phone and in 2007 they announced one and “previewed” another. This year I’m sure they’ll take a small step up the ladder and announce 2 phones. This will most likely be one low-end music phone for entry level countries (slight chance of a Sagem user interface?) and a mid to high-end music phone.

Accessories will most likely be a set of speakers and nothing more. Some camera accessories are however needed (mainly due to the lack of proper zoom in the Cyber-shot branded phone segment), so it’s not unthinkable that this could be showcased at CES as well.

k850_camera.jpgWhere does that leave the “real” camera phones then? Well, I hardly ever say never and an announcement of a mid-end phone in the K-series at CES is not unthinkable, but for me it’s quite doubtful.

If we look aside from CES and instead look at bit further into the future, we’ll see that a bunch of generic phones are yet to be announced. As far as I see it, there are two possible announcement dates shortly after CES – one could shortly before 3GSM (around end of January / early start of February) and the other during 3GSM (11th – 14th of February). W380’s generic brother, supposedly to be named Z555, has yet to appear and the Z660 I’ve shown you all has not been announced yet either. There is of course also Sony Ericsson’s mysterious ‘P5’ (I think this will not be the final name!) – expect an announcement of this around 3GSM, where you can expect most of the other rumoured phones to be announced as well. Availability of them all will be Q2 / Q3.

Where does this leave the codenamed ‘Maria’ with focus on usability, user experience and media? If it’s a Walkman phone, then there’s a spot open, isn’t there? 😉


4 Responses

  1. what might happen at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas…Hope for Sony Ericsson,s new device n this show……

  2. Is SE going to announce the next K series flagship product with 3x optical zoom (read about something like that being made available in Japan in one of the blogs) in 2008?

    I have a K550i, which sucks under insufficient light, but works great outdoors in day time. I have an old Nokia too, and I would want to exchange that for a high end camera phone in the next 12 months (am ready to wait for a great product from SE or Nokia, but I prefer the K series).

    So, are they going to announce anything this year?

  3. @amir
    CES has already passed and Sony Ericsson announced quite a few products.


  4. Not at the time he posted :p

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