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Is this P5?

It appears that the same person, who posted this picture, has just posted what could be another upcoming Sony Ericsson phone. And from the looks of this one, it could be P5 or the W960 successor. Still, nothing is for sure, but once again – better post about it, than not.


7 Responses

  1. Hi Mizzle,did u darken it or did u get this picture as above??

    And the design seems to have been influenced A LOT by HTC designs.The answer and end call key looks like from HTC touch.
    Happy New Year to you!!

  2. No, I haven’t darkened anything.

  3. I think the one who posted this was an avid fan of HTC. it looks so non-SEish! i think this is fake.

  4. might be but now we are in 2008 and let see what should be new for Sony Ericsson’s fans. i am still hoping positively.

  5. here’s a cleaner light adj. ps of it

  6. if its so,it gonna be bombshell,looks awesome

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