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GSMArena has reviewed W890


The team at GSMArena.com has reviewed the Sony Ericsson W890 – an interesting music phone with 2 gigabytes of flash memory and a 3.2 mega pixel fixed focus camera. This is the successor of W880. The review is really nice with lots of pictures and the impressions of the phone are quite good, too! The conclusion is as follows

The Sony Ericsson Walkman lineup is diverse enough to cater to all tastes in terms of design and functionality. With the W890 we have a nice update in the slim bar form factor.

We liked the compact and amiable W880, and we believe the W890 is a welcome successor. It does address some of the major letdowns in the older W880: the tiny keys and the lack of FM radio. The user interface of the hi-end W910 and the added HSDPA and quad-band GSM support are a commendable effort to set the Sony Ericsson W890 above its predecessor.

We expected a bit more from the camera, the size of the display and the loudspeaker performance. The missing Shake Control and auto-rotate capability may also raise a brow or two.

Sony Ericsson W890 is an undoubted improvement over the W880 but we can’t help being wary. We frowned at the overpriced tag of W910, never mind its high-end status. Let’s hope the asking price won’t kill the appeal of Sony Ericsson W890. The neat and compact handset is a worthy offering for its solid feel, nice handling and good feature set.

Check out the review here 🙂

I have already asked Sony Ericsson what their status is on the W890 and when I can get a review sample. Am awaiting a reply 🙂 By the way, isn’t the white W890 breathtaking????


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