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Exclusive: First live Z660 picture

Here’s the first live Z660 picture. I’m sorry, but I can’t post any better pictures, so here goes a blurry one. The red thing in the bottom is the speaker 🙂 The display shows informations such as signal strength, messages, time (not date), battery and 3G connection. It has a 2 mega pixel camera (fixed focus), HSDPA and it’s running A200. Enjoy 🙂


9 Responses

  1. Interesting… Did Sony Ericsson send this phone to you?

  2. The picture looked more like a red phone on the right,a silver flip in the middle and a black blob on the left.The picture is too blurry to even be branded a ‘picture’.

    From the specs,Another one of those useless phones for a SE fan.No new innovations.

    Yawn…I will wait to see what they got “NEW” for 2008.

  3. @Teemu
    No, got it from a good friend.

    Well, I’ve also got the non-blurry one, and I can say that it’s definitely great looking. Materials are like those of Z550 and W880. Kind of like a mixture of the two.
    Regarding to features, this is a direct hit at Nokias 6120 Classic.

  4. Nothing is visible my friend

  5. Direct hit to 6120C??? Are you joking?
    6120C now drops to US$200 here and I wonder how much K660’s release price tag. If SE purposes this mysterious Z660 for direct rival to 6120C, so they must release it under US$190. And I bet… SE won’t do so.


    P.S. IMO, SE has no direct rivals to 6120C, N82, N95 6GB, etc etc

  6. Why you can’t post any better pictures? not permitted by SE? 🙂

  7. I’ll try to see if I can post a better picture, ok? It is indeed looking really nice.

    Nope, I’m not joking. A price tag around US$250 is likely to be the starting price of Z660. And you’re right, Sony Ericsson has no direct rivals to those mentioned phones (trust you mean N95 8GB), but that’s because Sony Ericsson isn’t making as much use of the Symbian platform as Nokia is.
    Enough about that.

    As said, I’ll try to post a better picture.

  8. its looking beautiful let see what new in it………….

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