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R1DA038 firmware for K850 coming soon

A commenter here at the blog, has just posted about an upcoming firmware release for the K850. This one will be called R1DA038 and it looks like there will be some major improvements on the camera side. The current camera version is 2.9, while the new firmware’s camera version will be v. 3.4. Video call camera is the same.

Thanks! 🙂


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  1. I just got the K850i 3 days ago from t-mobile on a upgrade and it has the R1DA038 frimware on it. I still get pitch black pictures sometimes but not as frequently as people were complaining about.

  2. Can you please snap a picture of it? 🙂

  3. let see what new in k850…………..

  4. Will it allow the menus to be the same speed as usual when playing music and will the battery life be better and charge up to and stay at 100% for a few hours. I can’t believe they can’t get a charge indicator correct

  5. Paul Davidson,
    I highly doubt the first thing about music and speed of the menus. This has never been possible on any SE phones and I think it’s because of the operating system, OSE. No phone will EVER stay on 100% battery charge if they’ve been running for a few hours. If so, then there is a problem with the charge indicator. Sony Ericsson’s charge indicators have always been pretty good.

  6. I flashed a K850 with R1DA038 last week, and i can just confirm that it does NOT fix the camera flash/blitz sync. Pictures are still dark.

  7. It is not good, i belived that dark pictures will fixed at new cam drive, but…

  8. The dark pictures has nothing to do with the software, this is a hardware problem and depends on how people takes the pictures. I have NEVER experienced this on any pictures taken with my K850.

    What this new firmware does is that it improves the Java performance A LOT! Especially on the 3D rendering, where it performs more than four times better 🙂

  9. Sory for my english, I’m from Russia.

    James: “…I flashed a K850 with R1DA038 last week, and i can just confirm that it does NOT fix the camera flash/blitz sync. Pictures are still dark…”
    The problem isn’t in the firmware. Michell Bak is right, it depends on how people takes the pictures. You mast hold the phone correctly while using flash.

    2 pics:
    This is NOT correct one: http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/1722/79771383zm7.jpg – the fingers is too close to the flash.

    And this one is correct:

    May be it will be usful for sombody, my post in Russian forum:

    One more picture:

  10. yeah… everyone complains about it and it’s only their own fault if the pictures are dark… i’ve noticed it only happens to me when i grab the camera incorrectly, with my fingers too close to the flash or the autofocus light, that’s what makes the picture come dark, but if you use it right, it will work ok

  11. just keep your hands away from the camera side while taking pics like alan says… i noticed that i dont get dark pics if my hands are away from there

  12. i have updated to the new firmware and i am having some problems i wondered if anyone else was having them.
    Firstly every now and then the phone locks up,usually when i have recieved a text message,i then have to remove the battery to resolve this,also the number 3 and 6 keys are not as bright as the rest of the keys and they dim when the joystick thing is pressed,and one more if i had stored a picture to a contact it would show the picture when they rang of sent a text but now it does neither.and help would be appreciated. cheers

  13. The part about the 3 and 6 keys is a hardware problem. Maybe trying to set a picture for the contacts again would help on that last one. Try re-updating it.

  14. thanks but tried all that still no joy,i have contacted vodafone to see what they say,I cant use video tones now either even though i have set them???

  15. Ive sorted it now,what i had done was after updating the phone and restarting the phone it asks weather to set the language on the phone to English German French etc and According to Sim.Well i put English which upsets the Sim cos when i changed it back to According To Sim everything worked again!!!

  16. mmm.. turn on the iso-200 or iso-400 mode… and fix the camera flash/blitz sync….

  17. i cant upgrading to R1DA038.. i have the R1CA037 from america, and the SEUS only update to this version…

  18. I have recently bought a K850 which has R1DA038 and am also having problems with the flash. It is definately nothing to do with the way it is held, if you pay attention you notice the final flash goes off AFTER you hear the shutter! I have taken photos in a very bright room, and they come out almost pitch black. I called SE and they said they’ve never heard of the problem!

  19. I’m really sorry, but I can’t take that seriously. This problem with the black pictures is because of the light sensor below the flash. When you have your finger in front of it, it’ll automatically adjust the xenon flash to the lighting – that’s why you get dark pictures. Furthermore, it’s rubbish that the flash goes off after the shutter, as said, it’s about the proximity sensor on the back.

  20. to SOLVE the flash issues..

    just use RED-EYE reduciton mode..

    always works.. even with old firmware..

  21. Will it fix the hpm-82 connection problem? My phone won’t recognize the headset. I’m running 37 firmware.

  22. Hey guys i have a vodafone branded australian k850, it came with R1CA29 with crappy voda software, i then flashed it using davinciteam to get R1CA037 customized blue america. it turned out great, speed improved icons look great, camera still not 100%. i have now updated again to R1DA038 customized hong kong blue. again everything working great, camera still not 100% but menus seem faster, but i have noticed that now when i get a sms or a fonecall the person pics doesnt show up and their assigned ringtone doesnt ring. but it used to on both versions before. i dont think i have changed any settings but i really like having that pic and tone so i know who is calling me. also in media when scrolling thru pictures they actually move like in the nokia n series. i dont think it used to do that. anyone else confirm this? any help bout the pic/tone problem please post it, cheers

  23. hey, i recently bought my k850i and it has this problem where when i’m just scrolling around checking the different features the phone sorta freezes then i need to take the battery out in order to restart the phone. Will this firmware solve that problem? also sometimes the phone seems really slow at reacting, like if i’m move through the settings it takes awhile to “turn the page”.

  24. oh yea the current firmware on my phone is 1200-4400 R1CA037 071012 also made in 07W4.

  25. dont bother upgrading to R1DA038

    i put mine back to 37

    only things i noticed that were better was scrollin thru pics used a slide effect in media player, and when something like email was coming thru i had a cleaner scroll, the bars that go from right to left when waiting for something to arrive. it was much smoother and not pixilated like on 37. but i went back so i could have my tones and pics when someone rang. camera is still the same. i guess ill be waiting for the next major update which i have emailed sony 2 times now and not once have they replied. Garth

  26. oh and changing the flash to red eye does nothing for me, ive taken 10 continuous shots in a row to test it and they all came out different. so keepin red eye on isnt solving the problem.

  27. anyone heard of anything else yet???

  28. from davinci team in my email 2day

    K850i R1EA031 CID52

    will be flashing very soon!!!

  29. does anyone have firmware version R1EA037. I just upgraded my k850 and it works great!

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