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Free Pdf+ ROM update for UIQ 3 phones

mBrain Software, the company behind the PDF-viewer on M600, P1, P990 and W960, has just released a free ROM update for these phones. I’ve tried it on my W960 and so far it looks good. It installed without any problems and seems to be working just fine.

In order to get this “Christmas present” from mBrain Software, go to this web site and browse to the bottom of the page and download the Pdf+UIQ_3x_ROM_Upgrade_1_75_05_signed.sis file.


3 Responses

  1. how do i install Apps on W960

  2. Simply transfer the .sis or .sisx file to the phone and open it via the file manager.

  3. Just tried it but it still has the old problem, doesn’t support the PDF 1.5 format fully, and really sucks at rendering books, moreover, I wouldn’t rate it as user friendly app, no shortcuts of any kind of general tasks for PDF navigation(like zoom, next previous page etc.)

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