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P1 now ships with a GPS in India

Some days ago a comment was posted here about P1 now being available with a Bluetooth GPS in India. Today I found a picture of an advert in a news paper in India at Esato.com. The pricing is Rs 22.995 (580 USD) with the GPS and 20.995 (510 USD) without the GPS. I can’t seem to find a currency converter, so if someone can, please let me know about this Thanks, Suresh! 🙂

Source: Esato forums



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  1. Hi Michell,

    The price you read about (between 20 and 24) is true. I picked up a k550i last week and at that time P1 was being quoted at 21 or 22 (don’t rem exactly). I just checked up some of the shipping sites and the price is more or less around this region. I am not too sure about the GPS stuff though.

    You had mentioned about not being able to find a currency converter. I assume it is to convert between USD and INR (Indian Rupees). Just fire up Google and type “23000 INR in USD” [http://www.google.com/search?q=23000+INR+in+USD], and it tells me that it would come to around $580, and INR 20k will be around $510. Hope this helps.


  2. Thanks, Suresh!

    I’ll add this to the post! Thanks again, and Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

  3. Sony Ericsson P1i has garnered a lot of attention from the day it has been launched in India. The phone is a value for money smart phone with some awesome features. This ad is also very innovative and in very less words it shows what is P1i capable of.

  4. Also, i forgot to clatify…in most of the chain stores in Bangalore the phone is available at 20,000 INR….may be its the christmas price…

  5. Hi Michell, thanks.. that is a pleasant surprise (to find my name in your post). Merry Christmas to you too. Have a great week ahead, leading to the New Year.

  6. @Vikram

    Hi! OK, thanks for the additional info 🙂 That sounds like a very reasonable price indeed and I’m glad the phone is popular!

    Sure, no problem 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you both!

  7. hi all,

    the P1i has further dropped in bangalore the latest is 19INR n lot of bargaining will let u save another 500 bucks

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