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New Sony Ericsson clock patent and 2007 Content Awards winners

se_clock_patent.jpgIt looks like Sony Ericsson has filed a patent about some sort of clock display. Here’s how it’s explained:

The invention relates to a clock display and particularly a clock display comprising a combined electronic display unit and mechanical clock hands. The clock hand has a visible state for showing the time and a transparent state used when in it is not desired to obscure the underlying display unit. The clock display may be incorporated in a portable device, such as a mobile telephone or a wrist watch.

se_cleaning_display.jpgIn addition to this patent, Sony Ericsson has also filed another one – this one being about a self cleaning display. The idea behind this patent – as described in one of SE patent applications – is to add a cleaning slider to the display and connect it to the opening/sliding mechanism of the phone itself. This doesn’t sound that nice in my ears and the concept picture does look a bit silly, too. I hope that’s not the best the R&D team can come up with!

Finally, the winners of the Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2007 have been found. In the category “Gaming” the winning game was “Playman Extreme Running”, in category “Imaging” the winning application was “Pull Face Image”, in “Productive Mobility” the winning application was (of course) “Opera Mini 4.0”. The “Music & Audio” award went to TrackID by Gracenote and the “Themes & Graphics” award finally went to “The geeks” themes and graphics. Furthermore Sony Ericsson felt it necessary to give a Special Recognition Award to “Vringo” for best use of the functionalities available in Sony Ericsson phones. Congratulations to all the winners!


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