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Sony Ericsson is revising its product strategies

According to an article at Digitimes, Sony Ericsson is revising its product orienting and channel strategy. This is because their plans of pushing low-end phones (less than 100 Euro) to the market didn’t come out as expected. The sales were below the expected and I’m thinking this is why Sony Ericsson’s market share fell a bit in Q3.

I guess this means good times for all us high-end users!

Source: Digitimes


4 Responses

  1. revising doesn’t mean they will push high-end mobiles, they may have the same low-end pushing just with another way…

    but I hope it’s like what we – high-end users – hope from SE, returning to the glory 😀

  2. You’re right, it doesn’t mean they’ll start with the high-end phones again, but I seriously hope so!

    I’ve asked Sony Ericsson for a comment on this, but I think my contact isn’t working this weekend.

  3. The reason why the market share fell, compared to the previous year, was of course nothing to do with them not selling enough low end mobiles.

    In 2006 Q3, the previous year, they enjoyed a ‘bumper’ quarter which was down to higher than expected sales of the K800i and other hit phones.

    Of course if Q306 sales hadn’t been so successful then market share wouldn’t have fell slightly compared to the previous year and for SE to have repeated the amazing Q306 performance would have been an outstanding feat.

    High end phones will be in the pipeline but for 2008 and hopefully this is where more of the focus will be.

  4. Short version: As you sow, so shall you reap.

    Does it take a Ph D in marketing to see that SE short-changed their high-end UIQ3 buyers by a delayed release of top-priced, highly-touted devices with critical under-design and buggy firmware? Then they compounded the felony by prolonged silence, continuing to today, broken only by a premature end-of-support announcement.. So they have alienated an influential and lucrative segment of their market.

    Since that is the main problem, fixing hat seems the obvious solution. Now let’s how smart Komiyama-san is.

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