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W960 unboxing

I just got my W960 and it’s great! I like just about anything about it except for the irritating protection plastic layer above the screen. It feels cheap and I have doubts about how long it’ll last. Here’s the mandatory unboxing video (and no, I didn’t drop the battery on purpose!) and the pictures are available after the break.








10 Responses

  1. Hey michell,

    Does it come with the bluetooth stereo headset?


  2. Hi Cody,

    No, it wasn’t in the box. It was removed some time back 😦

  3. hi cody, congrats for ur new baby .just a few question pls dnt mind.1st how is the build quality of the handset, is the sound loud enough and lastly i hope this gizmo is quick and stable.thnx

  4. Michell Bak,

    congrats for your new Walkman, about that protective plastic layer, beleive it or not, I didn’t lost my K750i one yet, I purchased it after only two days from avilibilty and it still stuck to it 😀

    the only thing I did is to cut that section where you can hold and remove it, and even now the K750i is semi-dead after falling in water but this layer still fighting for it’s life 😀

    but I think it’s not a good idea to keep it on W960i as this is touch screen phone, and I already heard that this plastic layer makes the screen response only to harder touches…

  5. @azeter – The build quality is very, very good! It feels extremely sturdy and good in the hand. The sound is very loud and clear, probably one of the best speakers ever from Sony Ericsson. It’s fairly quick (better than P990) and it’s stable. Not a single restart yet and I’ve really put it to the test! I had about 25 applications running at once yesterday 😉

    @Xajel – Thanks! No, I don’t mean the protective plastic. The screen on W960 isn’t like on P1 and P990, etc. There is a layer of thin plastic above the ‘normal’ screen on P1 and such, and this requires you to press a little harder and it didn’t feel that good in the beginning. It does now, though.

  6. I wonder if the screen feels the same as the LG Viewty. The screen of my Viewty feels exactly the same as how Michell described above. Planned to get a W960 at first… but the waiting game would really kill me off XD.

  7. Well, after thinking a little about it, I remember that all touch screens feel really weird in the beginning but after a few hours of usage they’ll somehow turn better. The one on W960 is one of the best touch screens I’ve seen. Not the best, but close.

  8. hey Michell,i am using a nokia n82 since last few weeks but i wanna let u know that somehow i am always attracted to SE phones and till date i have never used a cellphone like p910i or should i say the pseries they really rocked.now i am really looking forward for the 960i and i hope i luv it.just one frank opinion from u is the camera ok. good , bad or satisfactory.thnx

  9. Hi Michell,

    great site and I’m glad I stumbled on to your site. I’ve been waiting for the w960 and I’ve been salivating. Just dying to replace my w800….

    I do have a question, what was the price tag on that gorgeous thing? Without the bluetooth, I would think it’d be cheaper?

  10. @azeter
    First of all, sorry about the late reply. For some reason I had not noticed your comment. Anyhow… The camera on W960 is quite good in good lighting conditions. It’s not brilliant in dark surroundings, but it’s not completely bad either, if that makes sense! 🙂

    Hi and thank you! 🙂 My W960 cost me about 4.400 DKK, which is about 850 USD. In my opinion it’s not bad at all. You get loads of high tech stuff and the price is lower than what W950’s price was, when it was released. Furthermore there are reports that the price of W960 has fallen quite a lot lately and it will continue doing so. In some countries it costs less than 600 USD 😀

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