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5 things you DIDN’T know about Sony Ericsson

1. Testing of prototypes. They’ve got a test center in Germany for testing of prototypes. They have fired all “out of house” prototype testers in order to keep everything behind closed doors – however operator testers have still got a limited access to non-announced prototypes.

2. Sony Ericsson leaks informations! Yep, you read that right. Sony Ericsson – again, yes, the mobile manufacturer itself – leaks informations about upcoming phones and plans. But of course the leaks are carefully planned.

3. Sony Ericsson keeps an eye on us. I’d bet you didn’t know that Sony Ericsson are eagerly reading the posts at different mobile phone forums – like Esato – and they also read mobile phone blogs. Sometimes even posting, too!

4. Successor’s successor. The K850 is fairly new, but the successor is already in the works and so is the successor of K850’s successor probably also. Mobile phone manufacturers are always years ahead in terms of successors as it usually takes about three years to create a mobile phone.

5. Extreme amount of ideas. But unfortunately most of the ideas will never become reality. For about every 8 ideas, one will become reality – and even this idea, will end up being changed lots of times before it gets announced and released. Some will even get ditched after the product announcement – one could be the Z700, which was cancelled or the programmable Bluetooth camera ball a few years back.


5 Responses

  1. Well 2 and 3 don’t surprise me at all, I have conversed with employees on Esato and also, after reading some of the posts carefully, its not too hard to see who they are. (The rumours section on Esato is of great amusement to some, apparently.)

    Regarding the testing of prototypes, I was told by aforesaid employees that its more a case of seeing what ideas / features work well together out in the (testing) field and then its more a case of putting together a package that makes good use of a particular set, rather than them having an idea for a phone first of all and then building it from the ground up.

    It was a shame about the remote control bluetooth ball being cancelled though, however you could only imagine the mischief it would have caused.

  2. 😆 People like you aren’t supposed to read these kind of posts, Goldenface 😀 It’s only for people, who didn’t know any of the things 😉

  3. Sorry. I’ll button my lip from now on. 🙂

  4. […] blog has a very nice post about Sony Ericsson Secret that  you didn’t know. Here quote from his blog: 1. Testing of prototypes. They’ve got a test center in Germany for testing of prototypes. They […]

  5. Does not surprise me, I think most major electronics/video games companies follow these practices.

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