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Here I am again :-)

So now I’ve got some free time on my hands and would like to start off with a small announcement. I’ve told you I’d be getting P1, which I won’t. Because I changed my mind today and decided to get a W960 instead! 🙂 I’ll order it this Monday and hopefully I should have it Tuesday or Wednesday. Anyhow, here’s a small recap of the things that have happened while I was busy.

Sony Ericsson has expanded its Developer World site so there is now also a full Chinese site with a Chinese developer forum to it. This means there’ll be tutorials, articles, RSS feeds, discussions and such in Chinese as well from now on.

A patent has been found where Sony Ericsson has patented a technology that will enable camera based control. This means that Sony Ericsson will be one step closing to creating an interactive phone that can react to a person’s gestures – perhaps this could mean that a person could wave with his hand in front of a camera on the phone and the phone would react accordingly to the movements and commands given by the hand – all I can say is COOL!


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  1. Hi Michell,

    I’ve a friend using W690 and he told me that everything sucks accept the speakers are awesome…. hope it only apply for asia set.


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