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First spy picture of P5

This just came in! Thanks to “aa” who sent me this!


this is it, folks 😉

Update! JUSTAMP has gotten another picture of this phone!


9 Responses

  1. Looks good, hope this turns out to be true. wud have preferred a big screen though

  2. The screen will be bigger though. This may come close to the real deal but it’s unfortunately not the real one 😦 At least not the new prototype. It’s very obvious this one is photoshopped.

  3. Especially since the 2 “spyshots” look exactly the same, with the same exact screen display to boot

  4. I’m sorry, but this is fake. Take my word for it – it’s a horrible attempt at a spypic.

  5. This one could be real, allthough i higly doubt it, but that one from justamp is definately fake

  6. Folks…

    Remember there are two prototypes of P5? This is one of them, although the picture could be a photoshop. I am absolutely 100 % sure about that, and the user interface is the correct one. So, please, no more comments about it being fake, because what’s shown on the image isn’t fake!

  7. […] Michell Bak and JustAMP just got spy pictures of P5i from their readers. It seem SE P5i come closer to be real…. […]

  8. nice.hope its not like p1.i hv used all p series frm 800 to p1.
    the worst is p1. always the first out fones r full of uncountable promlems.

  9. OH CMON. what he’s holding is only a card. duh.

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