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New firmware out for K850 AND W910

I am currently downloading the new firmware version for the K850. This has been said to be released in a couple of areas and now the Nordic version has been released as well. More updates once the update has completed. Maybe this means there’s a new one out for W910 as well – I’ll have to check!

Update! There’s a new firmware out for W910, too! Am currently downloading this now. Nothing seems to have changed in the K850 firmware, though 😦 The K850 firmware version is R1CA037, and the W910 is R1CA039.


44 Responses

  1. great! i’ve been waiting for a new relase of firmware so long for my w910 😀

  2. Of course there must be a change. Perhaps it’s just bug fixes.

  3. Yes, of course there are changes, but very minor ones. The equalizer problems have been fixed. And the Media menu seems a bit faster at loading.

  4. No Firmware Update for my W910 😦 I had a try 5 minutes ago but Sony Ericsson Update Manager told me, that there is noc new firmware…

    My current firmware version is R1CA029

  5. it’s out, this very afternoon, i’ve tried and bingo!!! R1CA039 on my W910, thanks again for the good news 🙂

  6. @jukey – Where do you live, mate?

    @cliosguy – I’m glad to hear that 🙂

  7. Hi guys, I’m kinda new to this firmware thingy. May I know where can I download the firmware of K810 from? Thanx alot!


  8. I guess you mean K850. Anyhow, both can be updated using Sony Ericsson Update Service 🙂

  9. haha sorry typo error. Thanx!

  10. Where did you see that the equalizer problem was fixed. Cause i updaded mine and it’s still not fixed. When you set it to manual do your settings, you close the walkman, you reopen it, and it’s not the the manual that is selected.

  11. I got a K850i after always having nokia. Bit annoying that the supplied headphones have no skip track etc so I bought a HPM-82 headset. Problem is, it doesn’t work on my phone. As in the phone does not even detect they have been plugged in. Nothing wrong with the headset as it works fine on my friends K610. Will this new firmware allow the HPM-82 to work with my K850i ???? I’ve just tried but update service says my firmware is already up to date. Current is R1CA029. I am in the UK.

  12. @piflechien
    It is fixed on both my K850 and W910. That’s where 🙂 The manual equalizer seems to work, too.

    That’s weird! I’ve got HPM-82 as well and they are working on my K850 and W910 without any problems. When plugging it in, it even shows a window that says “HPM-82” and then closes it. It was also working on the old firmware. Is your phone operator branded?

  13. Yes the manual equalizer works, the settings are saved. But when you quit the walkman the re open it, it is not on the manual equalizer but the previous one used.

  14. Yes, you are right. Didn’t notice that. That’s another bug, I’m afraid 😦

  15. no no new firmware update for w910 and i need it cause i have java probl! nothing on my w910 opens

  16. Again, it sounds like you’ve got a branded phone if there are no updates yet.

  17. I just tried to update using the Update Service in the settings->general tab.
    My current firmware is; R1CA029
    But i see that you posted that R1CA034 is the new one.
    I’ve already tried to update it connecting it to the PC Update Service software, but it’s always unable to connect properly to the computer.
    Any tips?

  18. Is your phone branded, Natsume? Where do you live? Some regions aren’t able to update it. Oh, and it’s not R1CA034, but R1CA039 for the W910 and R1CA037 for K850.

  19. He everybody!

    I’ve bought the w910 one month ago and I’ve got a bug in my menu of sms. I can’t send any sms ore recieve it or open my saved smses. Somethinglik the java prob. So I need the fimware update too, to fix this. But I live in the Netherlands. Now I also have version: R1CA029.

    Will this solve my problem? And I to can’t download a newer version because it says that I already have the newest. Is there any other way to get this update? (P.S my phone is not branded)

  20. Hi Matthieu,

    The NL firmware should be out (at least for K850) – I guess that means W910 should be out, too. I think a software update could solve your problem (and what a problem that is!).

  21. yeah huh. It isn’t fair I sms a lot and then it doens’t even work. And I am not sending it back for repair! It takes 2 weeks at least! But thanks, I will just have to wait then till I can updat I supose

  22. Have you tried hard resetting the phone?

  23. My w910i seems to have bricked. It won’t turn on past the SE logo. I would have thought a forced firmware would sort it, but I can see no way of doing that? Branded Orange UK, so am guessing no firmware update as of yet? Any ideas?

  24. I got a W910 non branded and the update was great.. I guess branded ones should w8, or contact the provider for a precise solution.

  25. Hi Ian, make your operator reupdate it for you. That should do the trick.

  26. hi.ive got a sony ericsson w910 that i bought on december 23 and its branded by movistar. i live in spain. but the system update says there is no update for my w910 😦
    why is it?
    is it because its branded
    or wht?
    heeeeeeelp plzzz

  27. I’m afraid this is because it’s branded, yes 😦

  28. New firmware for K850i coming soon- R1DA038-Central Euro.
    camera v.3.4
    video v.3.0

  29. I’ve just updated to R1DA038 with vodafone uk but my hpm-82 headset still wont work. I guess I’m as well off selling it to my mate and buying a headset that I can try first from a shop. Mystery as to why it wont work on mine but it does on Michell Bak’s K850. Anyone any suggestions before I do that I’d be most grateful.

  30. My HPM-82 worked on my W810, K750@W800 and the P1i.

    But I would have to start the phone in full mode, not flight mode.
    Have you tried the headset on any other phone and is the fastport connector on your K850 working?

  31. qwerty… my fone doesn’t even register that the headset has been plugged in. The supplied headset works fine (which suggests port is ok) but I wanted the external mp3 controls as opposed to having to pull the fone out my pocket. Nothing wrong with the hpm-82 either as it works fine on my friends K610. Strange….

  32. I really don’t know why your HPM-82 won’t work. It works perfectly on my K850, W910 and also W960. The only thing I can think of is that it might be caused by operator branded software. You’re saying that you’ve upgraded to R1DA038, which is so far only available for software-branded phones.

  33. I tryed updatin my w910i (sim free) with SEUS. And i got R1CA039. but the problam is still not solve. I still cant open games & application folder. and have problems with walkman as well. when i try to open it says ‘operation failed’. Can somebody help me with this.

    Thankin u in advance.

  34. where can i download the new R1DA038 firmware for k850?

  35. It’s only out for certain branded phones at the moment.

  36. John,

    I too am having this mysterious problem with the HPM-82 headset.

    I am running R1DA037 unbranded firmware, which I flashed myself. The phone was originally Vodafone branded running R1DA029.

    For me, now and again it connects, 95% of the time it doesn’t even acknowledge its plugged in, the other 5% it seems to work okay. My fastport connector is definitely working as the provided headset in the box works without a hitch.

    Bizarre. It could be the connector itself which is faulty, but I can’t be sure.

  37. Hey john.

    where did u find farmware R1DA037. and how did u flash? i mean using XS++ or ….?

  38. Hello Movisman

    where did u find farmware R1DA037. and how did u flash? bkz i am havi same problams as well?

  39. Hi Vinit

    I used http://www.davinciteam.com to flash the phone, had to pay 10 euros for the firmware but the install process was very easy if you follow the instructions carefully.

    I am running R1DA037 though (the most current unbranded f/w) and the HPM-82 headphones still do not work properly, the new firmware didn’t seem to make any difference in this respect.

  40. I have found out what is causing the problem when it comes to the pitch black pictures. somehow you would need timing on it…. before the flash will go out you shoud depress the shutter button… and it would give you a better quality picture…

  41. to SOLVE the flash issues..

    just use RED-EYE reduciton mode..

    always works.. even with old firmware..

  42. Hey everybody,
    I was thinking about buying a w910i but i was wondering if i can still download the firmware even though i live in the United States?

  43. i have had the new firmware R1CA034 on my k850 since it came out but now im having problems with the touch sensative buttons on the lower part of the screen.They sometimes work but then lock up and even if i remove the battery and power it back up this still doesnt solve the problem? anyone else have this problem?

  44. i’m having the prob of operation failed

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