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Sony Ericsson’s double slider concept

I know I’m a bit late at posting this, but I’ve been a bit busy and I’m actually in kind of a rush right now, so… This is a concept created by Sony Ericsson which shows a phone with a double slider keypad / keyboard. Anyways, here are some pictures of the concept. Enjoy! 🙂




5 Responses

  1. hi man.
    i think it is P5i…??is not??

  2. Looks like a nice concept, hope p5i is packed with it.
    Any idea when p5i will be announced ?

  3. P5 could end up using this concept, but nothing is for sure yet.

    I’m guessing it’ll be announced early 2008 – preferably February or late January.

  4. Mike,

    Hope they release p5 soon.
    I have started feeling that, sonyericsson is stuck in candybar and the same ui. boring ? 2007 is a big let down considering the tempo of 2006. what is your expectation for 2008 ?

  5. More style phones 😦

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