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I’m back… with new info

Well guys, looks like I’ve revived my computer and I’m currently trying to install everything again and such – but I’ll be back later this evening!

Anyways, I’ve got some info for you guys.

Text deleted. Also, Sony Ericsson won’t release any devices with DVB-H this year, but next year.

Hope you’re all well! šŸ™‚


6 Responses

  1. Finally Non-TS. Let’s see what they will look like. Anyways, welcome back and good luck with the exorcism of your computer. šŸ˜€

  2. Why did you delete the text?

  3. what’s wrong with the deleted text? I can view it from Google Blogsearch, but it happened to be deleted here.

  4. well, I already knew that from late 2006 !!

    the original leaked info. said there will be no DVB-H phone in 2007, but there will be in 2008

  5. I had been misinformed, so the text was misleading.

    @Xajel, yes that was a rumor. This is fact.

  6. @Michell,
    well if this is the story, then, this is new šŸ˜€

    infact I believed that rumer as it was some how expected from SE šŸ™‚

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