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New reviewing system coming soon

I’ve just created a new way of reviewing phones, so that it’ll be much nicer and better for you guys to read and understand. This new system will automatically make the reviews longer and more in-depth going so you’ll end up knowing the most interesting aspects of the phone, when you’re done reading it. I’ve looked at some big mobile phone reviewing websites and have gathered some information there about how they do it and what I like and dislike about it to finally create the ultimate way of reviewing phones (I hope) 🙂

Here’s an overview of how upcoming reviews from this site will look:

Page 1

  • Intro
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Design, size and compared to other phones

Page 2

  • Design in detail
  • User interface
  • Applications and organizer (calender, alarm, etc.)

Page 3

  • Camera
  • Music (and FM-radio)
  • Games
  • Connections & Internet

Page 4

  • Phonebook
  • Messaging
  • Calls
  • Conclusion

I hope you like it, and if you have any suggestions to the system or have spotted something that could be improved, please don’t hesitate to post a comment.

If I have the time I’ll try to ‘convert’ the K850 review into this way of reviewing and of course add more content to it. No promises, though.

Oh, I almost forgot! This new system will also bring much more (non watermarked!) pictures (with much better quality than before!) to the reviews 😉


2 Responses

  1. Cool. Its always good to have more reviews about mobile phones. Looking forward to it. What networks will you have access to? It would be good if network speeds can be tested – HSDPA and so on.

  2. I have access to GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA. And of course also Bluetooth, IR and WiFi.

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