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New products coming soon

I just wanted to do a post about some devices I’ll be getting soon.

First up is the Sony Ericsson T650 – a fashion phone with quite a good camera. This will be the first test device Sony Ericsson will be sending me (new yet unreleased phones will come soon!).

The second I’m going to get is the Sony Ericsson P1. This is a phone I’ll keep, and I’m counting on getting it around mid-December. This will be a nice replacement for my retiring P990.

Also, some of you might remember my post about some accessories earlier on. This was the MBS-100 & IPK-100. I’m still counting on getting these, so don’t worry – they’ll end up here on the blog some day!


6 Responses

  1. I’m about to get a W910 and K850 by the end of the year. I know a few things about the technological aspect of phones and a bit about Sony Ericsson. With the K850, I’d like to focus on the main part of the tri-band HSDPA for Video Calling specifically in Canada. Is it possible that I can post a review upon here as well?

  2. Would you post a review of K850 here or what do you mean?

  3. Here, or where ever I can.
    Other then just one’s insight, I believe it’s better to have multiple opinions upon this phone as it seems so controversial with many about the quality of the phone, the features, the ergonomic an useability factor and the general impact that the phone has made in the world, the public, the community of brand or phone fans and around the phone itself, in reality.

  4. ** …in reality; in the hands of people.

  5. OK, you can do that.

    Please email me the review then.

  6. Well done! I’ve been trying to get phones from Sony Ericsson without any luck :/ Can’t wait to read your reviews 🙂

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