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First exclusive Sony Ericsson store in Bangladesh

‘The New Nation’ reports that Sony Ericsson has opened its very first exclusive store in Bangladesh, which will be breaking out from the traditional way of selling mobile phones.

As said, it’s a Sony Ericsson exclusive store, meaning only genuine Sony Ericsson products will be sold. But that’s not the really exciting stuff – what’s new and exciting is that the consumers in Bangladesh will now be able to fully try out the phones, have user friendly touch-screen self-help product updates and interactive phone displays. In other words this will give customers a better knowledge and support regarding Sony Ericsson products.

I wonder when we’ll be seeing these kind of stores other places in the world besides Bangladesh and London…

Source: The New Nation


2 Responses

  1. where is the store. pl. send address and contact phone

  2. You can find it at shop number 35 & 36, Block A, Level 6, Bahsundhara City. I haven’t got a telephone number, sorry.

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