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Here are the questions for Mr. Komiyama

Here are the ten chosen questions for Mr. Komiyama. I’ve sent the questions to Sony Ericsson already, so the answers to the questions should come one of the upcoming days.

Read the questions after the break.

  • Question number 1

Mr. Komiyama

Did you receive the Open Letter couriered to the UK offices?

If so, what is your response to the SE smartphone user base?

Thank you

Asked by: aqualung15

  • Question number 2

Dear Mr. Komiyama,

SE Customer Support has been absolutely atrocious!

I have sent multiple emails to the Support organization and posted numerous posts on SE Developer World. I have yet to get a decent response in either email (just generic template responses) and have been virtually ignored on the Developer World forum. I’m not the only one as others who responded to my posts have received the same treatment! (see http://developer.sonyericsson.com/thread.jspa?threadID=41416&tstart=0 and http://developer.sonyericsson.com/thread.jspa?threadID=40448&tstart=0)

You have customers who are reporting bugs, suggesting new features, etc. in hopes of helping SE make better products. Unfortunately, we are ignored… SE has our money and must not want repeat customers or good word of mouth regarding your phones or the company.

Will you help correct this behavior and treat us better than we have been treated within the last 12-18 months?

Asked by:awl1168

  • Question number 3

Mr. Komiyama

It seems SE has been so preoccupied with producing low level phones to increasing market share and you have unacceptable delay to producing high level phones such as N95, iPhone, U600, Prada, Armani and also Adidas phones rivals. This policy affected your market share growth also. Why don’t you push the consumers to your SE great products as you did it before by producing innovative products?

Asked by: Houman

  • Question number 4

Mr. Komiyama,

What are your plans on advertising SE products for 2008? Will we see SE advertising aggressively across all products like other top 5 players? Also, do you believe that design is THE main thing for consumers when buying products and features as mentioned by one of your officials?

Asked by: steve

  • Question number 5

What is Sony Ericsson’s view on Apple in regards to their attempt to enter the mobile market and their product design (usability, ‘fun’, aesthetics) which has been well received by consumers?

It’s obvious that Apple’s iPhone is proving to be a very attractive product for consumers – despite its lack of features, its ease of use and enjoyment are enough to make people think that it’s worth its fairly hefty price tag. Instead of denying the technological backwardness of the iPhone, Sony Ericsson should accept that having a very easy to use phone with some ‘wow’ factor is what consumers want, rather than waiting too long and coming out with a ‘copycat’ product which will be out far too late.

Asked by: shaliron

  • Question number 6

How does Sony Ericsson intend to differentiate itself from the other phone manufacturers for the next two years? Sony Ericsson has done a fantastic job differentiating itself in terms of its strength of music and the camera, and in terms of its unique designs. However, customers have become more complex, and would require more functionality and complexity in their phones.

Asked by: Roy

  • Question number 7

Sony Ericsson seems to have the best hope of taking over Samsung and Motorola in the rankings of phone manufacturers. How does Sony Ericsson aim to move into the top three ranks? Is that a goal for 2008 and does Sony Ericsson sees it as achievable? Also, LG is proving to be a strong competitor to Sony Ericsson, with its strong growth this year. How does Sony Ericsson intend to fight off the competition?

Asked by: Roy

  • Question number 8

Given that Sony Ericsson has now announced the end of support for the 15-month-old flagship P990, what relief or compensation does the company propose for its long-suffering early adopters who paid top dollar / pound / euro etc. for the supposed state-of-the-art “smart”phone, whose limited 64 MB RAM prevents it from meeting its advertised supposed multitasking capabilities?

Asked by: koolezt

  • Question number 9

Is there any chance to improve the developer world and associated communities?

Asked by: leomax

  • Question number 10

Dear Mr. Komiyama,

Would like to ask why the best of your latest phones like W960/P1 are not compatible with the USA 3G networks? Will the future phones support the full USA market?

Asked by: Joe


12 Responses

  1. Cool, thanks for using mine 🙂

  2. thanks for selecting my Q…hope we all get the answers from mr. D

  3. Thanks for selecting my question. Do you have an ETA on when you expect to get responses/answers to our questions?

  4. I’m counting on getting the answers this week, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

  5. Waiting in anticipation 😉

  6. well, I missed it 😦

    I want to ask them if they visit popular SE forums and read there user community notes and requests, see there fan’s concept and try to see the the feedback, I mean all this big community must be very helpfull for every company that want to be number one !!

  7. after on November 28th, 2007,

    “I’m counting on getting the answers this week”

    is there a new eta?

  8. Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf and the quick response, Michell.

    And Season’s Greetings.

  9. michell, too bad i missed this. I want to ask him how will he and SE face competiton if they do not think out of the box? And instead of producing top-class phones with excellent designs and features, they resort to the fomulas tha are proven to be unsuccessful (like the super delay of the phones)

  10. Have you received any word from SE regarding an ETA on this?

  11. Shame nobody asked why they seem to be ignoring the US market….

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