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W910 review by GSMArena


Following shortly their review of the S500i (as earlier posted), GSMArena now took an in-depth look at the W910i.

They are very dissatisfied with the high price tag of the handset, as they also state in their conclusion:

Sony Ericsson W910 is the top dog in the Walkman series when it comes to feature phones, the smarty W960 being a class of its own in the company’s music portfolio. Some of W910 features are true high-end stuff: the quality display, elaborate music features, exquisite design, fast performance and 3G capabilities. Those however coexist with painfully familiar features and applications we’ve been getting in downright midrange handsets. Too much compromise to put up with in this price range and the tag on W910 is likely to get even the brand loyals a bit reserved. Nokia and Samsung seem to prepare a handful of cool music offerings in this price range too, while their non-music oriented handsets too have good music players. Despite the rich sales package, including a 1GB M2 card and the cool M2 USB reader, the W910 will be under pressure, as price is the ultimate decisive factor in this increasingly competitive market.

However, they are not so picky about the sound quality as Mobile Review (as mentioned here).

Read the full review at GSMArena.


2 Responses

  1. I’m considering this phone for my next one, but since all the new W phones lack auto focus and flash I guess I’ll stick with my mighty W800i, the first and still the best W phone around IMO. I want the walkman AND the camera features together in one phone, but no, they have to make 2 separate products.

    I suspect some ugly corporate strategy in this, like the iPhone’s “lets put less features in it so people will buy the next phone”, except SE’s trying to sell you 2 phones (the W and the K series I mean).

  2. Go for the K850 instead. The music player is excellent and only lacking minor stuff compared to W910 – such as SensMe (requires extra software to work anyway) and ShakeControl.

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