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Oh no! My K850’s back has cracked!

I’ve just noticed that my recently bought K850 has a huge crack all the way from the speaker on the back to the right side of the phone – the crack is like 2-3 centimeters long! I guess this is what happens when the phone falls out of your pocket twice in just one day – because that’s how unlucky I was yesterday! Luckily the crack isn’t visible unless you point it at direct sun light or a powerful flash (which is why I had to snap these pictures with hard flash). So for those of you with a K850 out there – be careful and try to find some proper protection case for it, as it could come in handy!

I still can’t believe how little it takes to crack the back of this phone… damn…




3 Responses

  1. Michell ! You don’t believe in using a pouch / case for your phones ?! 😉

  2. 😆 Actually not. I’ve got a few laying around, but hardly ever use them – maybe I should start to do so 😉

  3. пиздец блядь

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