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Any J2ME developers out there?

I am about to create my first ever J2ME application, and I would like to create a simple applet that will make use of the integrated motion sensor in A200 phones such as K850 and W910. My idea is to create an application with a ball that moves accordingly to the phone’s movement – just like Marble Madness, but much simpler (at least to start off with!).

If anybody who’s reading this has any sort of knowledge about J2ME developing and the JSR-256 motion sensor API, please contact me 🙂


3 Responses

  1. I don’t know about J2ME, but I opened the flash background int he original W910i eclips theme…

    I was cerious to know how they used the motion sensor in the flash as far as i know, flash isn’t designed yes for these thing, I discovered that they sent the motion sensor data like normal mouse XY !!

    so for any flash background designer, he may use the regular Mouse X & Y coordinates to control any thing he want, the A200 phones translate the motion sensor data into mouse X & Y coordinates…

    I think, this may help you a little, and my not 🙂

    keep us updated about your apps 😉

  2. Thanks a lot 🙂

    I’ll try to have a look at things – it should be possible to create something without use of Z coordinates.

  3. Xajel,

    The eclipse theme is coded in java 🙂 Not flash.


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