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Sony Ericsson tops J.D. Power’s satisfaction list


J.D. Power has announced that Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications’ handsets has scored the highest in overall customer satisfaction among American and Canadian consumers in the latest survey.

Sony Ericsson ranked highest in features, battery life, physical design, opeartion and durability among the American consumers. The manufacturers are ranked in different categories, and can at maximum achieve a perfect 1000 score, however it is extremely unlikely that this will ever happen.
These results reflected Sony Ericsson’s strong commitment to the North American market, said Najmi Jarwala, who’s the President of Sony Ericsson North American market. This is a market where SEMC has struggled to gain market share, but things seem to be turning now.


8 Responses

  1. Americans have a wicked taste for sure. Come on, motorola above nokia?

  2. I like how Nokia is placed below the industry average 😉

  3. ok, but I have hard time believing that.

  4. Nokia is down there because majority Nokia sales here are free brick phones. I know you guys know what I am talking about. People just never had a chance to try to higher end Nokia phone.

  5. This is not a blog about Nokia, so let’s end this here.

  6. they don’t have asked to P990i owners….. that’s why they are first. :p

  7. Not being a Nokia hater, but here to state the obvious;
    Nokia’s designs and features throughout the North American profile of phones have been their mid to lower level phones usually. In comparason with Sony Ericsson, Nokia has yet to make a phone that they’ve released for the North American market specifically. Their 5000 series of MusicExpress phones have been a general international example. But the W580 was a special phone from SE, I believe, for the North American market, especially for Canada.
    I find that Nokia has a negligence towards the North American market, unlike Sony Ericsson who brings out phones that are North America ready, in the UK.

  8. Hi

    Yeah thats It 🙂

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