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XS++ 3.1 released!

We’ve moved! 

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37 Responses

  1. Shame you still cant debrand the W910i *Waits patiently*

  2. will xs++ 3.1 work on k850 to custom some file system?

  3. Not yet, I’m afraid. However K850 can be connected, so it’s only a matter of time before we can mod it, too!

  4. Almost a month now and still no updates for the w910i that we can not debrand…

  5. will xs++ 3.1 work on k550i to custom some file system?

  6. It should work with K550, yes.

  7. how about k800i? will xs++ 3.1 work?

  8. Yes, it’ll work 🙂

  9. When will the next version come out ? and will it be compatible with the w910i?

  10. I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’ll be that long. And yes, it should be compatible with W910 and the rest of the crew.

  11. Before new year ?

  12. I’m not sure. Ask the developers at SE-NSE 🙂

  13. will it work on K310?

  14. I believe so, yes.

  15. Does it work on k810i…cuz when i click on conect..it wont connect with my phone…:( why?T_T

  16. Yes, it works with K810, too. Just use SE-NSE for troubleshooting, please.

  17. Can using XS++ cuz an unlocked phone to be relocked? I had that happen once when I did an Ericsson software upgrade on my K550i. More than anything, I want the Orange homescreen removed… Should I be ok?

  18. Will XS++ 3.1 work on k850i yet and does it remove the simlock as well? Im sick of those mean money-grabbing people at Orange.

    Thanks, G

  19. @Adri Bail
    Do you want your phone debranded? Is that what you mean? Then yes, XS++ can be used for this.

    @G to the T
    As I said earlier on, XS++ 3.1 doesn’t work with K850 just yet.

  20. Any ideas when it will?

  21. Ideas, yes, but nothing exact. I would expect it to be around January or February. But try to ask at SE-NSE.net – that’s where the developers are 🙂

  22. Thanks you’ve bn a great help. 1 more thing tho. Can XS++ 3.1 remove a simlock as well as debrand?


  23. Not the simlock, as far as I know, but it can be used for debranding.

  24. Know anywhere I can do that for free as well? (Sorry to keep bothering you 🙂 )

  25. All i want to do is DEBRAND , remove the SIMLOCK and get the latest firmware on my K850i (IMEI REMOVED) which i bought from ORANGE UK 2 days ago. Can anyone help me with this?


  26. G to the T,
    I don’t like spammers, and you just posted the same comment THREE times on this blog – have some patience, will ya’?
    And you should NEVER post your IMEI number on open sites, so I’ve removed this as well.

    Now, please go to SE-NSE.net and register there. They are EXPERTS on dealing with this stuff, and a team of their moderators are also the creators of this application.

  27. sorry im just really annoyed cause i cant use my phone at the minute as i have an o2 sim and my phone is locked to orange! sorry i wont bother you again

    ps i am not a spammer

  28. With K850, the best XS++ can do is tell you which phone you have. You will have to use a pay service or something.

    BTW: I sympathise with you, Orange branding is horrible and I debranded my W810 within an hour of receiving it.

    Because a blog isn’t the best place to talk, I won’t say anymore on the subject 🙂

  29. Hi. Can I change menu icons on my k750i with xs++ 3.1? It’s CID49.

  30. Yes, it’s possible. 🙂

  31. hi.
    Can I use XS++ to reflash my D750 (CID36, Brown)using a standard dcu60 cable?

  32. Why can’t i vonnect my phone W580 i want walkman skins on it

  33. Please USE SE-NSE.COM instead of this blog. This is not the place to ask any more questions and I’m sure you’ll be able to find your answers anyway, if you do a search or look through the other questions.

  34. will xs++ 3.1 work on w830i?

  35. ^^ yes dude works well for w830
    you can add flash menu
    walkman skins

    also now you can patch it now .. but sadly i don’t think any one is developing patches for w830 !!

    XS++ supports all phones except K630 / V640 K850 W910 Z750

  36. I downloaded the new .exe and overwrote the old one, but when I run it, it still reports v 3.0 beta (sinyar) not 3.1 (darwin). I guess I’ll try deleting the old one now…any ideas?

  37. Can I use it for my w300i (europe) to enable flash menus?

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